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*Sensitive post* Endometriosis & Pregnancy

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Good Morning Girls,

I have been rather quiet the last few months. I can announce I am 13 weeks pregnant!👶🏼 🤗 it has come as a complete shock! As I was due to start IVF in April. I found out I was pregnant naturally end of March. It has been a tough few months just with anxiety and worry over Cov19 and obviously at a higher risk of having a miscarriage.

For those of you who don't know. I have been trying for a baby since beg 2018. I got diagnosed with Stage 3/4 Endometriosis in Dec 2018. I only had Ablation surgery so ever since I have been in absolutely agony. I got a second opinion and moved hospitals. I had to make the decision whether I wanted to have a second surgery or go through IVF. So I chose the IVF root as I am 33 this year and time is ticking. I got told in Feb that I had a low ovarian reserve and I would even struggle to conceive through IVF so this news was devastating to hear. I wanted to share this news with any Endometriosis suffers who are going through a tough time trying to conceive. I can tell you a miracle can happen. The midwife at the hospital told me yesterday she has noticed a lot women with fertility issues have been able to get pregnant naturally during lockdown. This is interesting.

Stay positive girls 🙏💞

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You have also given hope to other ladies so thank you🙏

Wow this really is amazing and gives me another endo sufferer so much hope ♥️💫♥️ huge congratulations to you xxx

Congratulations! Very happy for you! I was diagnosed with the same in October 2019 and had ablation surgery. We have been trying to conceive since the beginning of the year is there anything you would suggest that could help with diet etc or tests I should get done? X

This is great to hear congratulations to you. I have endometriosis stage 4 just had all the endo removed in feb and we have been trying to conceive since March but I’m starting to get pain again. This has made me feel a little bit more positive. congratulations to you and I hope your pregnancy goes well and pain free.

Congratulations you sound like you have had a lot of support on your journey I just hope I can get a bit more.i had a misscarrige in September told I have endo privately as got nowhere with g.p . now a year on and I haven’t had a referral through yet still ttc again age 34 .I’m getting disheartened but I’m so grateful to hear of your news.gives me hope !i haven’t had my ovarian reserve checked looks like I’ll be doing that privately.sorry to rant on your post but I needed this post to uplift my spirits it’s good for me to read good news on here enjoy your journey xx

Congratulations! this has put a smile on my face after a rough week of pains! bless you and I wish you all the best :D xx

What lovely news and thank you for the hope! it shows when we take the pressure off ourselves anything is possible x

Congratulations xxx

Amazing news. Congratulations on your miracle baby. X

many cngrates... feeling happy on ur pregnancy.... every thing is possible if Allah wants..

Aw congratulations that is such lovely news!! Xxx

Congratulations this is amazing news. X

Hi wow tat is a amazing news I need a adivce for myself as well cuz of the coivd19 my surgery got cancelled I was ment to have lacopyscopy to see if I might have endo so for a good 6 months i been on neothertinon to stop my bleeding periods. But I want to conceive nd timing is to ticking for me too so I dont know if I should come of the tablets and give it a go. My right tube is blocked so my left seem.ok as far as I know.

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