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Prostap issues

I'm in much need of some advice,

I'm not new to prostap, Iv had 3 courses of Monthly prostap, having a month break and having another course, it's the only way I can control my pain. I also have the coil in which I know is not much use as a contraception while on these injections. - Iv had endo for 5 years and not had a period for 7 years.

The hospital didn't advise me that I could become pregnant while on these injections.

Iv been having unprotected sex with my long term partner the whole way through these Injections And have no fallen pregnant. Does this mean I can't become pregnant? And what would be my best steps from Here. Highly concerned!


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When I was on Prostap it was stressed to me the importance of using barrier protection. It's very concerning that you have not been given this advice and I would recommend that you discuss this with your doctor as soon as possible. I was told that it is vital that barrier contraception is used on Prostap. X


Thank you For your reply, I'm alarmed now that after over a year of having it Iv only recently realised and been made aware of the seriousness of not having a barrier. Also quite scared the fact Iv not fallen pregnant. Which I know is a blessing in disguise, but is still quite concerning. Waiting for doctors to open and will be booking in with them as soon as possible..


It is possible to become pregnant on these injections but I think it's quite a low risk if your not experiencing any bleeds with the injection being in your system for such a long time I wouldn't worry about being infertile. I was in the same situation me and my partner forgot but i did not fall pregnant but if your worried about pregnancy I'd just use extra precaution from now on but I'd also speak to your doctor because you should of been told but I wouldn't try to worry too much with you not having periods for such a long time x

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Thank you, that's definitely Made me feel a little bit better and less worried, but I'm still going to have a chat with the doctors and see what they say. Iv already been made aware of my risks of having low fertility which is making me worried even more, obviously that has a downward spiral effect on my relationships and health as its all I'm thinking about. Being in such a dark hole and with no one around me who understands this feeling it makes me in myself worse, the worst I feel the more pain I'm in.

Thank you for your support and advice in this very low time x


I feel for you its tough especially when no one around you understands the pain and emotional affects it has on you that's why this site is a blessing! Try not to worry too much as hard as it is my nan had an extreme case of endo but still managed to have 3 children and a family member of mine managed to have triplets after prostap which makes me hopeful, try to keep positive x


Could I ask if anyone has offered you surgery to remove the endo ? The coil is a form of contraception which is why you probably havent fallen pregnant. Also prostap puts you into surgical menopause - therefore stops your ovaries from producing eggs - I cannot see how you could fall pregnant? Hope you get sorted soon x


Yeah ️Iv had 3 laps to remove endo and Another one is on the cards within the next year.

From what Iv been told now is that the prostap stops the coil from working. Iv now heard that people have fallen pregnant and it is possible while on prostap which has made me obviously very concerned. - I'm still very confused on what actually happens as Iv not had it fully explained to me, I thought it was a simple injection to help with the pain, but it's so much more complex.


I don't think not getting pregnant on Prostap means that you would also struggle to get pregnant when the medication is out of your system. To be honest I'd be very surprised if you had fallen pregnant with the coil and Prostap but because it's not absolutely impossible it's important to use barrier contraception. I remember the nurse stressing this point to me very firmly even though i'm currently single! X


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