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Hi guys, the gynae has put me back on prostap injections last time I was on them was when I was first diagnosed 4 years ago. I'm due to have my second injection in a weeks time. However I cannot remember ever feeling like I do now when I had the last lot. I am now 21 and driving everyone insane. On the last injections 4 years ago I only had the hot flushes, now I am so hormonal every little thing is annoying me, I am crying at anything and everything. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment but this is proving impossible as I just want to eat all the time. It's like I'm in constant on my period mode if you know what I mean just without the periods. I'm shouting one minute and laughing the next and the crying the next. Is anyone else feeling this way?? As I don't know anyone else to ask.

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Hi, yes I'd love some advice! My gynae said I had two choices either surgery or try the prostap injections so I chose the injections and they did work 4 years ago and being still only 21 she didn't want to operate at such a young age to prevent scaring! However these injections are driving my up the wall im so hormonal, I do have the mirena coil for the endo but I've noticed this month I have bled for around 8 days. I am always hungry and feeling very fatigued also. Any advice would be greatful.

I already have the mirena coil, and tried a number of pills but they haven't done anything for me. I had my last coil changed nearly a year ago now as the other one of 3 years stopped working. The reason for the injections with the coil was because I was still bleeding heavily on the coil after not bleeding for nearly 3 years and still in a great amount of pain even was prescribed mst :( I was great on the prostap injections 3 years ago obvoisly they were stopped after 6 months but am now on another lot for 6 months and so far have been really bad! Hopefully the side effects will calm down soon enough!x

Hiya. I have just finished a 4 month course of prostap injections and I had a awful time! My emotions were everywhere,hot flushes, couldn't sleep properly and my body just ached constantly. I had to change my hours in work because I couldn't physically or mentally do my normal hours.

I had my last injection on the 2nd jan and unfortunately my pains are coming back with a Vengence which isn't good! I go back 4th feb to see what happens next.

I hope things get better for you :(

Keep your head up xxx

I'm the same! Although they are helping me endo wise everything else is such a mess! I think my family and friends are on the verge of shooting me as I cry over the littlest things such as something being out of place, or I get angry even when someone is really nice to me! And dear me I cannot stop eating! Hahaha it's like a constant period mode but without the bleeding and just with hot flushes and not being able to sleep! This is only the first one so got another 5 to go! Awh no hope you get your pain managed soon Hun! Like I said when I was first diagnosed at 17 (4 years ago) I had them then and besides the hot flushes I was great! But this time around I'm having it all! Thanks so much for the reply xxx

I am going to disagree with everyone here..I LOVED the prostap! It was the best and ONLY thing that helped me! Go for it x

Have the injections I did alongside prostap injections and it gave me my lfe back . Yes it is short term but those ten months were worth it x

Domt get me wrong they're helping the endo symptoms but everything else is everywhere. I was fine when I had them 4 years ago. Gynae will only let me have them for 6 months though so six doses as I'm still classed as too young at the age of 21 haha! I have my second dose on the 4th of February now x

I hope they help it abit. It's a cruel illness xxx

Thank you so much! Yes I know and it's so funny how when you mention it to people they have no idea what it is. I wish there was more awareness out there xxx

They don't have a clue do they!! My boyfriend is amazing and my best friends just get it. Others howver including people I work with do not get it at all. I feel like shaking them and saying if only you know what I was going through (while I sit putting on a brave face) x

I know I feel the same! My family and friends are amazing! However when you try to explain to others it's like they look at you stupid and are like it can't be that bad!x

I haven't told people at work so they probably just think I come and go as I please but it's too private . Plus I've been off work the last two weeks and not one has text to see where I am or how I am..xx glad you have a good supportive family it's important x

Even if they don't know what's going on someone should at least see if you okay! I find that so ignorant! Hope your okay though!xx

Back in work tomorrow..just shows there only colleagues nothing more. Best of luck to you x as well as prostap I've had a lot

Of reflexology. If helps relax and calm me. Could be worth a go x

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