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Is this normal?

Hi ladies,

I've been on prostap and HRT for 4 months now and although I'm rid of a lot of pain I keep feeling so tired although it is different to that intense fatigue feeling I still don't feel up to much and do get into work more but still having to work some days from home. I feel so done in this weekend I feel quite ill. Did anybody else feel like this on that treatment/similar treatment? I feel like everyone must be thinking how is she not ok :-/ xxx

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Hi ya kirstie I started my prostap programme in July. I had it for 3 months. Yes it did make me feel very tired and drained at first but then my body seemed to get used to it. My periods stopped. Heaven! Then my pain went away.. I felt so happy. The only problem I seem to have with it was my hips really hurt. So much so I had to give up running but at least I wasn't having endo pain or periods. Which I was thrilled with. I had my last one in September and I was scared about the pains coming back as well as my periods. I wasn't seeing my gyno until 10th Nov so I had to just wait. By the time I went to see him I had started to get a few niggles but nothing major. He was very pleased that I had been pain free for nearly 4 months. He gave me an internal and within 15 minutes I was right back were I had started! Pain was back with a vengeance. He decided that I needed a hysterectomy but while I was waiting for my date he prescribed the injection again. I was over the moon. But this time it's not taken the pain away at all. My period has kept away but the pain is worse then it has ever been. Luckily I have my op in 3 weeks so all been well I only have to live with this intense pain for 3 more weeks! I take starflower oil tablets to help with the tiredness.mood swings and hot flushes. Hope all goes well for you xx


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