Is this normal

Hi I had my first laparoscopy a week tomorrow. At the time I had endo removed from my bladder, my ovaries and deep within my pelvis. As of yesterday I feel like I need to wee constantly and when I do I have a painful stinging feeling. Also I have a feeling of pressure down below. Is this normal. I also had adhesions devided and a marina coyle fitted. Thanks

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  • Sounds like cystitis and is fairly common after any surgery

    You can get things from chemist but not sure a pessary is a good idea so ask them or GP for advice.

  • More than likely it's a urine infection. Maybe take a sample of urine to the gp and theyll test it for you.

  • If you are in real pain and have them to hand, Tums, or other antacids will take away the stinging until you can get to the chemist....

  • Thanks I didn't know this. Will give it a go.

  • Thanks for replying. I'll try and get an appointment at the doc tomorrow to be on the safe side. It seems to worse in the morn x

  • Drink lots of water and this will help with the weeing and it will flush it through then go to doctors in the morning xx

  • Hi, yes it sounds like urine infection, I get that a lot it's so painful. I'm always on antibiotics. I had a camera test done last Friday and they found some black lumps inside my bladder, they took some biopsy and I will find out the results in 2 weeks time.


  • Oh I hope everything is OK with you. Thanks for your response I will try and get a docs appointment tomorrow x

  • Your welcome,

    I'm still the same, in pain, bleeding, have infection again. It's a never ending cycle with me.

    Did you manage to go see your GP?


  • Hi, aw that's awful have an infection again. Hope it clears soon.

    No I never went to the doc as my son ended up with a sickness bug so I never got a chance. However the stinging has passed. But I never have a really full feeling bladder but when I go nothing comes out. It's really uncomfortable and just not sure if it's things settling.

    I'm 10 days post op and due back to work on Tuesday not sure how I feel about it as still sore xx

  • Thanks I hope it clears up soon to.

    Hope you're feeling better today, how is your son feeling? Better I hope.

    It's it too soon for you to go back to work? Only go if you're feeling well enough.


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