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Suspected endo from a newbie (diagnostic lap soon!)

That'll teach me.. I've just done a nice long introductory post allowing you to all become acquainted with my misbehaving uterus and I lost the entire thing. I'll keep it nice and short.

Hi! I'm new, I've finally decided to make an account after several months of lurking. I'm amidst the 'waiting game' at the moment although, judging by so many other stories, I'm one of the lucky ones. My doctor (after one meeting and after talking about family history) referred me to one of the female docs in the surgery for the usual internal/swabs etc, and then they both referred me to gynaecology. One appointment with the consultant there (and another internal, I'm getting used to this now... :\) and she referred me for a laparoscopy. Typically my first appointment was cancelled.. A good half hour / 1 hour AFTER I was supposed to be in theatre but never mind.. I managed to make a new appointment the next day and here I am. Wednesday I'm going in (second time lucky).

Shorter more refined version of my history as evidently I went over the top on attempt number one.

Always had very painful periods from when I started (11); doubled over, dizzy spells, time off school, you know the drill. Doc suspected my hormones were wrecking havoc with my mental health (depression etc) so I was put on the pill from age 16, went onto the implant from age 20 (I'm 25 now) and it's great - no periods.. it even took my mind off the excessive weight gain! Last 2/3 months I've been on.. The return of Aunt Flo after so long was a shock and boy did it hurt. Raiding the cocodamol and hot water bottle I wanted anything to work.. I needed it to work!

I went to the doctors again as it scared me. This combined with the aforementioned family history (mum and aunt with endometriosis, gran with fibroids) and painful sex (always have had.. hence why a lot of my younger years I had to be sufficiently drunk! Sigh), severe headaches and migraines, bloated/heavy feeling, dizzy spells, painful breasts, exhausted all the damn time (this was put down to my depression mind!) everything pointed to problems and I need answers.

I really can't wait to get involved here. I'm feeling so incredibly lost and tired of feeling like my whole body wants to just curl up for a very VERY long time.

Q. I know a lot have you have already been down the diagnostic laparoscopy route but what should I expect?!

Hope you've all had a great weekend.

R x

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Do you want to know about the actual lap itself? Recovery time etc? X


I'm so sorry I didn't reply! Yes, just about the whole process really.. The aftermath.. recovery.. feelings.. I don't know! :( x



I hope everything goes smoothly for you on weds!! If your like me it will probably be a relief to finally have it and be diagnosed not just think it's all in your head! I'm currently day 3 post laprascopy and feeling ok my incisions are still sore & ive pretty much stayed in bed the whole 3 days plenty of rest is vital but I'm moving about a bit more at ease now, just remember everyone Is different and recovery can take a few days to a few weeks! Get some peppermint tea it helps with the gas after, and plenty of painkillers although you will be given some when discharged. X


Welcome! I hope everything goes well in your lap. I haven't had one so I can't comment on that.

Good luck xx


If you want a detailed breakdown of how my laparoscopy went please click on my name and read my post. It didnt go completely smoothly but not as bad as some!

Good luck with everything x


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