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Laparoscopy date confirmed

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Hi ladies, I've just got my date for my lap, 25th Nov at 7am, and I was wondering if you could give me some idea of what to expect after the op.

Everyone is telling me to take atleast 7 days off work. What sort of pains/problems might I have afterwards? I've heard about shoulder/leg pain and to take some ibuprofen. It's just a diagnosis so not too invasive and think they are going in through my belly button which freaks me out a bit.

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Hi there, I had my diagnostic lap yesterday and am home today, they found alot of endo which they decided to treat so I had some removed from right Ovary, pouch of Douglas, bladder and a large endometrioma from my left abdominal wall. I can walk around to the loo etc today on my own, my only struggle is finding a way to sit up / get up without really hurting my stitches. I have 3 incisions. The gas pain has been under my ribs and in my shoulders but it's no more than when you have trapped wind. I have been signed off work for 3 weeks due to the extensive work I've had done. Hope this helps a bit x

The Anaesthetic is as difficult to get over as the surgery so make sure your not over doing it. Take peppermint tea with you to help with the gas. It works wonders. The main thing i found was that I just couldn't get comfortable so make sure you have lots of pillows etc to prop you up and pack around you.

Don't let the pain get on top of you. Keep taking regular pain meds so your always topped up. No point in suffering otherwise.

If you keep on top of things it's really not that bad. The main thing is to give yourself time to rest and don't feel guilty for sleeping for 2 weeks if you need to.

Good luck with it. X

Pukka 3 mint tea was a god send I was drinking it by the gallons!! And also a short steady walk round the garden or house to get the gas moving!

Like another lady said, pop those pills like they are going out of fashion!! Don't try and make do's not worth it. If you are taking strong medication you may find you get bunged up (I didn't go for 5 days) so I used lactulose which helped move things along gently :) !

As for sitting down, pillows, lots of them! Do, sit, lie, stand however makes you feel comfy!!

I was off for 5 weeks and the trouble is you start to feel better in yourself and do too much too soon an it sets you back.

So take the time to relax and let others help you.

Good luck!!! :) x

I'd support everything the others have said. I don't like peppermint tea so I had peppermint cordial with hot water and that really helped. I took a mix of paracetamol, ibuprofen and oramorph for the pain. I was prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection but that was only for three days, and I was given sickness tablets which I didn't need. My sick note is for two weeks and I'm taking the full time. I might have gone back sooner if I hadn't had treatment as well. I'm really squeamish about my belly button as it's an 'outy' and I don't let anyone near it. It's not comfortable with the stitches but the dressings will protect it and it's manageable. Good luck for your op x

Repeat what everyone else has said! I've found the biggest thing is not to be so hard on myself for feeling rubbish.

I'm 8 days post op and as far as I'm aware it was only diagnostic but the exhaustion has knocked me for 6! On seeing the dr he said it can take a few weeks for your body to recover.

The stitches around the belly button and the bruising are uncomfortable but like everyone has said pillows are the way forward!

Make sure that you get the time to come round properly before seeing your surgeon as I didn't get this and it just causes unnecessary worrying!

Good luck! X

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My surgeon was blabbering on as I literally opened my eyes!! Not at all helpful and he had to come back later and repeat it all when I was a bit more with it and my husband was there x

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