Laparoscopy recovery

Hi guys, some of you may know i had my first lap on Monday. In general the operation pain seems to be improving and I'm able to move around the flat more now. I have a cold as of yesterday and seem to have the constipation from hell too!

But was just wondering how long it took other people for pain at the removal sites to be gone? I've noticed pain on my lower right where they removed adhesions and it's making me nervous that they missed a bit or it's re-stuck... but then again could just be bruising? How long did it take you all for operation pain to leave?


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Hi Hun , remember it's still early days and you have a lot of healing to do inside. 

With re the constipation try warm prune juicers this helps induce the bowel to move stools along. Also olive oil to help lubricate and plenty of fibre. You could also try glycol suppositories to help stimulate bowel movement. Get plenty of vitamin c to help with cold and boost energy, but most of all make sure you rest and don't over do things . Glad the op went ok. Take care Hun.

Thanks! My boyfriend has just been out to buy me some prunes (this whole experience has definitely "developed" our relationship haha).

Yeah I know there's a lot of healing to do, I'm just impatient and want to know I'll be better than before I guess! 

I was shocked at the hospitals advice for recovery, they basically made out that I would be up and outside shopping by now! Crazy they set such expectations! I knew from reading on here that was unlikely but there must be some really disappointed people when they go in thinking that!

Thanks again, this site has been so supportive, it's a great place :)

I know what you mean . I had a hysterectomy 2 months ago and still not right , just want to get back to normal.

Everyone heals at a different rate so don't be too hard on yourself.

I had my diagnostic lap last July where they only drained an 11cm endometrioma, and it took me 2 weeks before I could stand up straight and about 4-5 before I was back to normal.

Wow, it sounds like you've really been through it!

I had two patches of endo removed, a biopsy from inside uterus taken and adhesions removed from bowel. So I guess a fair bit!

What were your energy levels like? The last two days at about this time of day I really dip, to the point I can't even muster the energy to speak to my boyfriend, I get really breathless and it worries us both but then seems to pass. I've put it down to it being the time of day where my body is digesting a load of new food on top of the healing process so it's just sluggish... but wondered if you or anyone else had similar?

Yeah my energy levels have been awful since lap but even worse at the moment as I'm not sleeping.

 I seem to get breathless too not sure whether it's the exhaustion or anxiety. 

I hope things improve quickly for you.

I drank coconut water, it has a mild laxative effect.

Hi I too had surgery on Monday to remove my ovary which was stuck to my bowel I'm shocked at how awful I feel, the pain is easing but my stomach is black with bruising and I feel exhausted.Ive been told I can return to work in 2 weeks so hoping the recovery really speeds up because at this rate I can't imagine going back to work that quick.

Hope your recovery is quick

Hi, sorry to hear you are going through this all too! The hospital made it sound like I'd be right as rain in a few days but I spend most of the day lying on my back in bed still! 

Let me know how you progress, and definitely don't push yourself to go back to work! 

Take care xx

Same for me I've barely been out of bed even having a shower has made me feel exhausted and I'm definitely not the type to do that I hate being unwell I'm far too impatient.

Take care too and let's hope in a few days we are both feeling much better 


Hi. My ovary was also stuck to my bowel. And was also twisted the whole left side removed this took me 3 months to recover and start slowly back to work ! It can take a lot longer than u think. I felt like I made improvements every day... for about a month or so.. then things just seem to slow down! I wasn't emotional or physical ready for work until about 3 months passed.

Xx gd luck

Thank you that's helpful I think I'm just expecting too much too soon, when you have keyhole surgery I think we tend to think it's minor surgery but it's not it looks like I have 12/14 stitches in the 4 cuts outside apart from what's been done I think I need to be patient & let my body heal.

Take care x

I had my lap 2 weeks ago tomorrow.  My cuts were quite sore for about a week but after that they seemed to settled down a bit, one of them is still a bit sore depending on how I move but that is the biggest one. I still have quite a bit of tummy pains but I think some of that is because I am still a bit constipated. I was able to go out for a walk on about day 6 and have tried to go out the house most other days, even if it's just for a short walk. I still feel quite tired most of the time and I am super emotional, I keep bursting into tears.  Just try and take it easy and do what your body tells you too.  I keep telling myself each day is better than the last.  

I'm super emotional too, I now have no ovaries as the other one was removed 20 years, all I seem to do is sleep or cry so reassuring to know I'm not alone. 

Glad you are on the mend

Stay positive :) the worst is behind you for sure by now xx

Urgh. It's such a horrible thing for us all to go through! My stomach is very upset at the minute. I also thought I had kidney stone pains earlier! I guess my innards are all generally very annoyed! 

Anyone else get a stomach upset? Mine is probably in part because I had to take a laxative two days ago due to constipation but now I have dreadful gas and the other! Nightmare! 

I haven't managed a walk yet but did wander outside briefly yesterday. Desperately want some fresh air now. Day 5 for me at the minute! 

I was the opposite I got restless leg syndrome and spent the early recovery days walking, OK shuffling around my coffee table as upright and moving was the only comfortable place to be. (Grade 4 endo so Lap to clear up endo, release bladder and POD, remove left ovary and Fallopian tube, had to leave bowel attached to womb as too risky to separate) 

I also had such hideous trapped gas up around my stomach every time I laid down I was sick, so couldn't sleep for 5 days it was horrid.

And yet it at the end of week 6 I was on holiday in Turkey! Hang in there it gets better and when it does it gets better fast xxx

Yeah? Sounds like you had a run of it but ends nice and positive! I've got horrendous pain in my lower back and sacroliac joints tonight, back on the codeine which had fully stopped two days ago. 

Hoping it's healing pains but it just feels like the old pains coming back... Trying to keep chin up and all that. 

My boyfriend thinks I'm probably still healing and just feeling it more now all the stronger painkillers are out of my system... Also I guess I could have irritated the joints by constantly lying on my back! Ah who knows! 

Take care anyway, how are you now?? Xxx

Just want to say I was stage 4 before we realised what was going on so any treatment had a tough job to do. 

I was given a mirena and and it has done a good job for 3 yrs but since Christmas I have been having issues and this week was told my womb was being pulled backwards onto my spine and bowel so need Prostap and then a total hysterectomy. 

The pain in your lower back may be trapped wind it sounds trivial but the pain is EVIL! Try peppermint tea or water. I had the neat solution from the hospital pharmacy which you diluted in 10mls of warm water it was a life saver and how day 6 was a sleep day for me. 

I think that keyhole surgery lulls us into believing it's a minor op but it's not it is still major surgery and your insides will be bruised and battered which will take time to heal. 

Try to lay on your left if you can to help move the wind and walk around the house a bit. Xxx

I think you are right we are lead to believe key hole surgery is minor surgery but personally it doesn't feel any different from when I was opened right up to take my other ovary out.

I think we all need to be kind to ourselves and  let our bodies heal in their own time 

Take care x

Hi how you doing now I know we had ops on same day, my pain is better but I'm exhausted if I do the smallest thing 


Hi Wendy, I'm getting there... I managed to go out for a short walk around the block on Sunday, tried again yesterday and it killed me!

My pain is still there, mostly at the site where she removed the adhesions, and a bit of cramping too... I have a follow up appointment later today (my consultant is on holiday after today so got an early one) so will ask her if it's all normal... sure it is though. 

It's just up and down really, I went nearly a full day without any painkillers the other day but then as of last night and this morning back on co-codamol... 

I had quite a bit of bleeding after my walk so I think insides still very bruised and battered!

I get exhausted very easily so just managing a few bits where I can. My BF keeps telling me off for trying to do so much haha!

Just take it easy on yourself. There's no rush. I just wish could be outside more in this lovely weather!


So pleased to have found this group and in particular this post.

I'm 9 days post op. my ovaries had been 'suspended ' with stitches (Bleeeeurgh! ) which they released (day 7) and I felt so much better and had a pain free 24 hours thinking I was mended. Last 2 days pain has got worse and worse, feel like I'm back to where I began and will be on codeine again by the end of the day. So frightened it won't get any better! Want to be downstairs being a proper mum/wife/busy person not lying here whimpering. Feel rubbish!

Really hope this finds you much improved and we'll on the road to recovery, it's nice to get little glimpses of hope from others when you're struggling.

Best wishes x


Sorry haven't replied sooner, been meaning to!

Glad my post has helped you out :)

Sounds about right for where you are at, how are you feeling now? It will get better.

I'm at just over four weeks now and I'm still incredibly exhausted. Though my case may be a little different, as I'm still waiting to find out the culprit of the adhesions. Could be whatever that is that is causing it. I'm able to do most things as normal though, just feel shattered all the time!

Hope you're doing ok :) x

Thanks, I'm feeling better in myself today but my body still says 'no' to anything other than a very slow plod. Frustrating but at least pain is easier today.

Re your other post I was on tramadol over Xmas and sleep was bizarre, had crazy dreams and felt exhausted but struggled to actually get any good sleep. Think all the pain killers mess it up. Hope it improves for you and you get some answers too


Hi I think like you I'm doing too much was in a lot of pain last night but it's the feeling exhausted that I'm shocked by, I think I thought I would be up & back to normal after a week.

Good luck with your app later mine isn't to next week.

When I'm back at work I will wish I'd taken advantage of the time at home,will be interested to hear what your consultant says if you don't mind just to hear it is all normal will be reassuring 

Take care x

When are you back at work? Will let you know what she says but I'm sure it's different for everyone. Your body is doing a ot of healing so I guess its normal to be exhausted! My immune system seems to be completely run down, I'm currently on my second cold!! Had one for two days that left, now have another!

Take care too x

Saw my consultant. She was very positive. Thinks the endo was minimal enough that cutting the patches they found out should be enough so long as I stay on the pill to prevent new growth. 

She also said pain is completely normal at this stage, explained how the camera pushes past a lot of your abdomen so bound to take a longer among of time to heal inside. 

She doesn't want to see me again until end of June (asides from getting stitches out) as apparently that is the amount of time she would expect to be fully healed so we can judge if there's any pain left from the problem...

Hope that's helpful! Obviously everyone is different but this seemed like very general advice :) 

That does sound very positive I'm really pleased for you 

Keep taking care of yourself as it sounds like it's going to be a while before insides fully heal 


Hi Wendy,

How are you doing with recovery now? I've had a bit of a setback, came down feeling ill Friday night and have a water infection and I think a sinus infection from my colds! 

On antibiotics for the UTI but it's really set me back exhaustion wise. So frustrating. I missed a close friends wedding at the weekend, so annoyed! 

Hi saw consultant yesterday and I too might have infection waiting for results, sorry to hear you aren't feeling great, must be frustrating for you 

Feeling better in myself still sore but not too bad, luckily consultant said there was no cancer in my ovary that was removed so that's great news but I'm still so bruised consultant was quite shocked yesterday at the colour of my stomach lol.How is your pain now and are you able to do much ?

Take care x

Well that's good news :) sorry to hear you might have infection too, I think it's quite common.

Same with pain levels. Still sore but definitely improving. I tried to reach for something yesterday and felt something pull so still need to be careful!

I have my stitches out and biopsy results tomorrow. I was able to do more last week but the infection has really knocked it out of me so back on the sofa now. Can't wait for this all to be over!

Take care too x

Good luck with your app tomorrow, I agree with the reaching up still not a good idea I'm the same so still off work and will return when I'm ready.

Rest up hopefully couple of days of antibiotics and you will feel better x

Poor u that's the last thing you need to be coughing & sneezing, I'm back to work next Tuesday but I'm a hairdresser so on my feet all day thinking maybe should have had another week.

I'm just too impatient lol want to feel normal !!!

Take care 

Tell me about it! If you're not sure come Thursday you should call and see if can have a few more days, I'm sure they'd understand :) 

Just to update. I'm at three weeks and two days and starting to feel normal again. Still get very easily worn out, am knackered by early evening, but pain is minimal now, just a few twinges and shooting pains here and there. Painkiller free for three days now!

My biopsies were inconclusive when it comes to endo. Adenymyosis is still a possibility but there's no way to diagnose it properly without a hysterectomy.

Instead they are focusing on the adhesions as apparently they were more extensive than I was initially told, and considering I haven't had surgery before this isn't normal so have been referred to gastroentologist today. CT scan and more bloods done today! Such a saga but I'm positive we are honing in on the problem!

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

Hi had a really bad week returned to work but the pain has been pretty bad this week so stopped work again,the night sweats are terrible surgical menopause has really kicked in and I feel really low as I'm not getting any sleep at night.

Struggling as I actually feel worse this week than I did last week,I know my surgery was much longer than planned apparently 3 hours so maybe I'm expecting too much too soon.

I'm glad to hear you are recovering well and staying positive and hopefully you will get some answers soon x

Wow! Well done on returning to work! I travelled into the city to meet friends for drinks the other evening and it exhausted me! I don't think I could work from studio yet. Though I have managed to do some from home this week.

I've had nightsweats a lot too, I hadn't made the connection but maybe it's related!

I've noticed if I do too much over a couple of days I feel worse again for a while, so definitely about pacing yourself. Take it easy :)


I think I'm just expecting to much of myself I knew it was too early to go back but thought I would try !! No more work now for a bit.

My consultant did warn me as I now have no ovaries but I didn't think it would be so bad.

Reassuring to know that you too have found doing too much sets u back I was panicking that it's more adhesions

Take care x

Tell me about it! Every time the pain comes back I start to worry its more adhesions!

I seem to have another bloody infection, seeing the doc this afternoon. I think the whole process just exhausts your body and it takes time for it to recalibrate...

Hope work are being understanding with you :)


Take care and you are definitely right the whole process is exhausting I feel worse this week than last week, not sure why pain is bad again and night sweats are unbearable, can't wait to feel normal again x

How are you doing? :)

Hi I've not had a great week surgical menopause is terrible I've had very little sleep which I don't think helps with pain & recovery.The pain is definitely better still have times in the day when it hurts but it's not continually now.I still haven't returned to work as just haven't felt up to it.

How are you feeling now ?

About the same as you. Still some occasional pain but lessening each day... And agree on the sleep side of things!! I hardly had any the last few nights and am so so drained....

Not sleeping is horrible that exactly how I feel completely drained,what's waking you ?

Combination of things really. BF snoring, needing to pee, neighbours waking up early, just seem to be really light sleeper currently!

I've been on Amytriptyline at a low dose the last few months for the pain, that was helping sleep at first but I think its been causing insomnia lately as have had other side effects too. Have decided to start weaning off it and already am sleeping slightly better last night and the previous.

I just want to stay in bed but am trying to get stuff done as feel like the weeks are just slipping away at the minute!!

Lack of sleep is horrible def sympathise with the snoring !!!

Yes I feel the same about weeks passing buy,

Take care I'm glad to hear that slowing you are improving x

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