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Clothes for laparoscopy?!


I have my lap in 10 days, and i've been told only to bring slippers and a dressing gown into hospital, as I will be given a lovely hospital backless gown 😂

But what do I wear in? And what do I wear out? Should I buy some loose joggers? Or wear leggings and a jumper? My hubs said PJs, but I don't want to leave the hospital in fluffy christmas PJs?

What should I wear when I get home too? Just loose nightdresses?

Today I bought some slip on slippers. What else do I need to take with me?


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They pump you up with gas so pants might be a little uncomfortable, I would wear a maxi dress with an empire waist if you can find one so that way your legs don't get cold, and bring a pillow for the car ride.

I wore some loose joggers to go in but to be honest I came home in my PJs! Once you get it done you honestly won't care what you're wearing as getting changed will be the last thing you want to do... I'd take some baby wipes/face wipes, deodorant, a towel in case you stay in and want a wash, some sweets, magazine/book, bottle of cordial... can't think of anything else right now lol best wishes for your op xxx


I wear a loose long tshirt style dress or a oversized onsie xx The following weeks when out and about I wear loose tops and maternity leggings. The maternity leggings come up over your belly so as not to irritate the area and have the added plus of a little bit of light support xxx

Take something to read/puzzle book for any wait and a wash kit just incase you stay over xxx

Good Luck xx

Hi. Yes you'll want slippers, dressing gown, a book to read and your phone there's a lot of waiting around! Take wash kit, phone charger and pjs in case you stay in. Take sanitary towels, you'll prob bleed after and no one wants to use hospital ones!

Honestly I came home in my pjs and onesie. A onesie is great as not pressing on your belly. And I got a size up leggings with a baggy jumper for when I had to go out after a few days.

Fluffy Christmas pjs sound good to me, I took my fluffy Olaf pjs to hospital and my Harry Potter onesie. Comfort over style is allowed after a lap in my opinion! But I'd wear pjs all day if I could ;) good luck you'll be fine.

Go in your normal clothes. My last lap, I was given a hospital gown for the surgery which I kept on overnight because I had a catheter in and TBH the last thing I cared about was getting changed, and between the canula and the catheter it wouldn't have been practical to change anyway. They also gave me slipper socks to wear with my surgical stockings so I didn't need slippers. Once the catheter was taken out the next morning I put on pyjama bottoms and a vest top and stuck a jumper over the top to go home in. I've had 2 laps and never had to size up clothes wise (it really doesn't blow you up that much). I was wearing my jeans within a couple of days once I got home (and that was with 3 incisions).

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You're so lucky that you didn't swell much with it. That's brilliant. Most people do though. I think it's better to err on the side of caution- nothing worse than feeling clothes pressing where you've had your op. I swelled badly after my first operation and even though I'd lost a lot weight over the previous weeks because I couldn't eat (I'm small to start with so was looking bony) my tummy was really swollen for nearly 3 months - partly because of what they did during the lap. That said, with my last lap (where I had much more drastic work done) last month the swelling had gone down in a couple of weeks and now at three weeks it's not noticeable- but still uncomfortable. Personally I wouldn't risk it. I'd have something loose fitting or stretchy with you just in case. Good luck Abi x

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Waiting for a first lap is an anxious, terrifying time. A positive story can be far more comforting than a negative one.

I wore loose joggers in. Def take a nightie in with you too, so much nicer to wear than the backless gown if your recovery takes a little while (I was there for eight hours after the procedure as the general made me sick).

When I went home I just wore my nightie, knickers, loose joggers and a coat over the top. I couldn't face the effort of getting fully dressed. I couldn't even bend over so my husband had to put my shoes on and do the laces for me! I was glad I was still wearing my nightie when I got home as it meant I just had to kick off my shoes, pull off the joggers and crawl in to bed!

I was very bloated so it was a long time before I was comfy in leggings. My most comfortable joggers were drawstring ones - I wouldn't have been comfy in any tight elastic waistband, so actually I think your husband's suggestion of pjs is not a bad one! There are always plenty of people wandering round our local hospital in pjs! Just a heads up - it was at least ten days before I could wear jeans again which was hard cos I usually live in them!

Make sure you get in plenty of easy to heat, easy to eat food, especially if you are the cook normally in your home! I found standing difficult for a good few days so cooking wasn't really an option.

Final tip, bio oil is working brilliantly at fading my scars. Obviously no good till you are healing but after that use it twice a day.

Hi Hun, I agree with most of the comments on here! Leggings and a baggy dress! That's what I wore home. Defo a pillow for ur tummy for the car journey home. I'd also suggest mints or some sweets for after as you might find your throats dry. I took slippers but they do give u stockings to wear. I forgot to take a dressing gown but did have a longish cardigan to wear!

I did swell a bit with mine, but I wore pjs lol x

Get yourself some peppermint tea to help with the gas xx

Nice loose and long hoody, with comfortable loose fitting trousers (I actually wore my pajama bottoms as the material was so soft and they were all black)

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