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Laparoscopy date confirmed and freaking out

Hi there! I'm new here and I have just been given confirmation for my laparoscopy date to see if I have endometriosis....

I'm getting very panicky for multiple reasons, I'm worried that they will turn around and say that I don't have it, I'm worried that I will throw up after the surgery, and I'm worried that I will be in lots of pain after and I have university and a new job which I can't really miss.

I know these concerns are normal and that lots of people go through this, I just don't feel like I really have anyone who understands :( . My friends are all wondering why I want to be diagnosed with such a horrible disease... but I just need to know that they pain and the problems I have suffered from for the last 6 years are not just in my head.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips at all please feel free to reply!

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Hi - have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap.


Hey, I've recently just goone back to work after having my second lap. With regards to if you have it there's nothing really than just waiting and seeing, it will be what it is I'm afraid. Don't worry too much about being sick everyone will be there to help you when you come round. They will give you painkillers when you are asleep to reduce the pain when you wake up. The staff are normally very good at checking your pain is bareable and you'll be sent home with everything you need. Try not to worry too much, just concentrate on getting yourself back well, the less you worry the quicker you'll recover. Hope it all goes well. Xx

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I'm 1 week post my first lap. The advice I would give is although you want to recover as quickly as possible, listen to your body. Some people are back to work after a couple of days, others it's 6 weeks. The worse thing you can do it rush and push yourself too hard too soon and end up doing more damage.

When I went in the hospital staff were all absolutely lovely, especially the anaesthetists on the way down to theatre and the nursing team in recovery. They really do look after you and make sure your doing absolutely ok.

Post op, if you can make sure you have someone stay with you for the first Days or two it means you really can rest, but try to move a little every hour or two to stop yourself getting too stiff for example just waking down the hallway and back.

Make sure you have peppermint tea or something pepperminty available, even if you don't like it, to ease the pain you get in the first few days that's caused by the gas they use during the op. It's not horrifically painful but you definitely notice it lol. It may also be worth having something like senakot on hand just incase as a lot of people find that the painkillers your on can cause constipation which in itself can be a bit uncomfortable.

Don't be afraid to ask questions before surgery and after, the more you know the more prepared you are and quite often the more you realise what you're going through is completely normal lol.

I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine, but don't forget, it's ok to be nervous! And it's ok to want them to find something as weird as it may sound to other people.

Best wishes! X

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I had a lap on Tuesday and wasn't sick, so it's not a given that you will be. If you're worried, make sure you speak to the anaethetist about it beforehand so they can give you an anti emetic and also so you can talk through your pain relief options. I refuse codeine now as I know it makes me sick, so they gave me fentanyl for immediate post op relief and by the evening I was able to manage with ibuprofen and paracetamol. I'm now 6 days post op and although I'm still very tired I've been well enough to take my kids to school today and to do a bit of work and a few minor jobs around the house. It really depends what is done during your surgery and how good your surgeon is - this time round I had a brilliant surgeon and I am sure that has made a difference. I had endo excised from my bladder plus a cyst on my left ovary drained, so it was pretty minor.

Everyone I know has felt worried that nothing will be found during the lap - I know I did before my first surgery because I was anxious that if they found nothing, I didn't know how I was going to cope with my symptoms if they did in fact turn out to be IBS and my age (as I'd been previously told). Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view!) it turned out not to be the case as I have severe disease.

Try not to worry too much. x.

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I had a laparoscopic cystectomy on Friday to remove an endometrioma. It was my first lap. I was sick twice when I came around and had quite a bit of pain relief before they gave me morphine (IV and liquid) as the pain in my stomach was awful. But after I came out of recovery, my tummy didnt hurt as much as the gas in my shoulder!

3 days post lap, my tummy feels like I've done a thousand sit ups though it is easing up. I still have the odd pain in my shoulder and my chest feels tight, like I have heartburn. But its not painful and I've only had to take two nurofen today. I'm currently off work but feel like I could go back in the next couple of days as I have a desk job and it's just the tiredness thats affecting me more than anything, however I'm resting a lot more than normal so that probably plays a part. Everyone recovers differently unfortunately and you'll just have to see how you feel, but definitely don't rush back too quickly.

Hope it all goes well for you x


Have mine in a fortnight and freaking out too.xx


Thank you all that posted on this! it means a lot

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