Emergency c section leads to life time madness!!

Emergency c section leads to life time madness!!

The year 2011. Expecting a full term healthy boy. This is my 3rd child. One day rushed to the hospital with contractions end up staying for 7 days while they try to keep him in. Emergency csection is what this lead to. Still don't have answers why he came so early. Born at 25 weeks 1lb. So sad to see him go through so much to live.. I stayed in the hospital for almost a month. Went home after that to return with a bad infection and pain. Stay several  more weeks. I have a section of my right thigh that had no feeling  numb painful to touch, they told me give it 6 months for my nerves to regain feeling. It's 2015. I'm still in pain no feeling in that right section of my thigh remains. Now through the year of 2011-2014 I have this leg pain. They went through my back to do a nerve block which was painful as well. No help what so ever. Now I feel this bad tugging, burning pain in my lower left quadrant of my abdomen. I went to the er due to me having no insurance to be sent back home over 15times. Finally got to see a doctor whom states she doesn't feel anything in my stomach.  Now I can feel this mass and no one else can. Whats goin on??. Almost 3 years later I'm still complaining. finallyI have medicaid. I'm part time at work lost so many part time hrs due to this pain I'm now eligible. I set up an appointment to see the doctors and yes it's now 2015 and they finally feel the mass which has grown bigger and more painful in my abdomen, here go the many test. My doctor is puzzled.im worried thinking the worse. CT scans. They don't see anything,  ultrasounds they still don't see anything but can feel the Mass and see how painful it is when they touch it.. finally sent me to pre surgery  clinic who does an mri and tells me the same thing he sees nothing, I told him let me look at the results with him we went down my pictures slowly and there it goes clear as can be. Then he says oh wow I don't know why I didn't see this before there's clearly something there. Now I'm scheduled for biopsy to see if cancerous, I'm so nervous. I'm in pain the just want to prescribe  narcotics. I don't take them they make me sick and I have little ones to look after. We now are talking about surgery removing the mass now the test came bck negative.  I

Excited to be told the pain would be over soon .to be sent to a cancer center and learned that the doctor who was goin to do the surgery said he doesn't take medicaid patients,to be told now by the second surgeon he don't mind doing it. But I'm going to have a huge scar to ask for a second opinion from a OB to be sent to a fertility clinic and was told to take depo lupron and that's it. Wait what happened to surgery??? I'm 30 yrs of age now I have to go through early menopause, possibly bone lost,vaginal dryness, need calcium need vitamin  d.. ohhhhhhh no . I will not be taking this is there something else you can offer,? I then was given camrese generic seasonique. I now in more pain , bleeding badly,  lower back ,aches legs aches.. so painful.. I'm a guinea pig. My doctor told me I was a rare case and she has no info for me but to keep trying different meds. My stomach is burning as I type, bloated so much pain I can't take it anymore. Someone please help. Give suggestions please. My heart goes out to the women with endometriosis, I only have two implants in my abdomen and I can't function at all this can't be life

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  • You have to push for surgery it's the only thing that will help you.

    The exact same happened to me, I had emergency caesarean in 1994 gave birth to my gorgeous only son, soon after I develooed a mass and excruciating pain, no one could feel the mass, this was on my right side, then I developed a second mass on my groin left side this time again no one could feel it, I thought I was losing my mind!!!!

    This went on for years, I was finally diagnosed in 2007 told it was very rare form of endo, operated on Jan 08, the relief was immense best thing I ever done, gave me 4 blissful pain free years.

    Unfortunately it has grown back, I have has further surgery last year but not getting relief from the pain, I am currently on prostap which hasn't worked too well but I will never forget my pain free years and maybe just maybe you will be the lucky one and won't get the pain back either way you have to push for surgery!!

    All the best Lx

  • Thank you, I will try my best! Wish you the best

  • I had a emergency c section two years ago and I feel for u I was never told of complications to come after it my son was born 16 days early and I was kept in for 7 days but once my proper period came I had awful painful pelvic pain in the left side of my scar went back to doctors oh just period pain sent home with tramadol paracetamol it took me till august 2014 for my doctor to take me seriously as I cried cause of the pain I was in I also ended up in hospital 3 times after passing out in pain my husband begged them to do sonething and cause my gynae appointment was coming through for November 2014 they managed to get me seen in October and gynae refered me for a lap that I had this January and found that I had aheadions in my pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb every thing went well and first period was painful secound month no pain but the pelvic pain has returned in feeling that my endo has returned but consultant said oh we removed all the endo and aheasions so we will leave you to it that was the way he spoke to me as if I was making it up my doctor no better Iv decided to go and c a different doctor and demand a secound opion from another hospital fingers crossed that i get somewere and no get turned away with another prescription for pain meds I wish I all the best and hope u get some relief from this awful condition that all these poor woman have to suffer xx

  • Exactly, we are truly suffering. There has to be another way.

    I wish you all the best. Hopefully I can get somekind of relief. I texted my doctor in my medical chart. No response yet!!

  • I hope they get back to u soon that doctors for u never in a hurry like xxx

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