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Bleeding After Childbirth

Hi, I have stage 4 and am due my first baby in 3 weeks after a successful IVF.

I know that after childbirth a woman has a heavy bleed that can last up to 8 weeks...is this bleed like a period and will it bring endo pain with it? During a period I am normally bedridden for a day or two and on a huge amount of painkillers. I also have terrible bowel pain and heavy bleeding from bowel. Is this what I should expect after I've had my baby? Had a lot of pain during pregnancy prob caused by scar tissue but have enjoyed the relief of having no bleeding and painful bowels. Docs and midwifes not interested when I mention endo...very frustrating! Thanks x

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No in my experience, it is not like endo pain. However, you do have after pains which are totally normal and (I think) become worse the more babies that you have.

The bleed is like a period... one that lasts about a month!! I am not certain that endo sites also bleed though?

You also experience pain when you breastfeed, which is just the uterus shrinking back. But again, this is quite mild and nothing like endo pain!!

I had three babies over a four year period and my endo pain didn't return until my youngest was five!

All the best for your birth and beyond! X

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Thank you for your reply. That doesn't sound too bad then. Really hoping the endo pain won't come back too quickly... Time will tell I guess. Thanks for your wishes. Xx


Hi and congratulations on baby, i was pain free for 7 years after having my ivf babies x x x


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