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Mirena coil - should I remove or keep in??

Hi all.

I'm waiting for a lap to check if I have endo. Pretty sure I do as I have most of the symptoms and my mums sister has it (my mum has symptoms but never confirmed). I had the mirena fitted 6 months ago as my gynae recommended. Since then my period is lighter but still bleeding every month. I have also been getting more and more pains. My pains seem to be worse since having this fitted :(

I have the last couple of months been feeling so down and depressed. I have been snappy to my kids and husband and I seem to just cry at everything. I'm feeling so low and just want to give up with it all. I sometimes feel everyone is against me.

I know this is all from the coil as in the past I have had feels of being down but never to this extent.

I'm wondering to get coil removed but don't want to be told I have to have it put back in as it will 'help with the endo'. It was so painting when being inserted and I don't want to go through that again!

Any advice would be great

Thanks xx

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No doctor can make you have it or have it refitted .If your still in pain after 6 months its not helping you other than lightening your period .I personally would make an appointment with the doctor explain everything and ask can you have it removed and if so whats the next step x


Hi thanks for your reply. I'm def thinking of having it out but I'm also worried I might get more pain if I'm bleeding more. I can't cope with pain I'm already having :( will talk with dr tomorrow



its catch 22 isn't it .... I had the minera coil fitted just over 9 years ago never caused me any issues until last year when this endo started ,so it certainly didn't sure any pain for me , I have had mine removed now and been put on the pill continuously so I should have no periods at all , only started it last week so have to give it 3 months to take effect , soooo hoping it works .

Good luck with docs tomorrow an remember you know your body best if you want it out ,get it out x


I have suspected endo and I had 2 Mirena coils in. I kept going back to my GP and health clinics to get it removed as my pain was so much worse but I was fobbed off with the fact that its too expensive to just have in for 9 months then decide you don't want it. My gynae decided to do a lap coz of the pain I was in but then decided to say my pain was down to a faulty Mirena so they fitted a new one in at time of lap, gave it 6 months again was in extreme agony... But I was sent for a colposcopy the second time to see if something was wrong with my cervix, there was, had treatment and they found actinonycosis infection but still kept the coil in for some time, finally had my GP remove it and yes my pain has been a TINY amount of (and I mean only tiny difference) difference in my pain. But I feel you on how agonising it is having it inserted. I was 20 at the time and never given birth (as they say that makes it easier). NEVER AGAIN!

If you are not happy with it, have it removed. Its your body. And if Mirena hasn't worked for you this time it probably won't work for you next time so if they ask you months later to try it refuse it and say you already did and made things worse.

About a year ago or so I heard they were coming out with a new coil. Jaydess. A lower hormone and a smaller one. Maybe worth giving that ago if its available in your local area. Good luck!


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