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Itchy stomach post op


Hi everyone,

I have finally had a cyst and some endometriosis removed last Tuesday. I responded really bad to anesthetic and sadly missed seeing my doctor because I would wake up, which was such a shame but nurse told me what he said and follow up Appointment is in September. In the mean time I have took it easy and recovering well apart from soreness, feeling sick, trapped wind pain and not being able to move properly.

Now it's 6 days post op and my three wounds are extremely itchy!! Like irritating especial when I'm moving around because I'm back at work. I have changed the dressings twice and they seem to be ok. Are my wounds healing? It's quite irritating but feel so much better than when I had the anesthetic.

Emma xxx

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Keep a close eye on them if they start to feel warm or become red or u see any discharge coming from those areas go to your gp to check for infection hopefully be ok mine where a little itchy and I ended up with an infection where my belly button wound was the other was fine though xx


I can reassure you that itching is a good sign as it means that they are healing. If they look OK I’m sure it’s all it is. Mind were incredibly itchy for a few days then it seemed to get better. Hope yours improves soon.


Hey, mine were itchy as well but as long as it’s not infected then it’s a good sign. It’s just the nerves are healing xx

Thank you all who replied. It's so helpful to know people go through the same thing to put your mind at rest.

Thank you again xxx

Hi, it may not feel like it now, but that’s part of the healing process, if you’re at all concerned, or want reassurance contact your surgery. I too had the same operation .take care and rest x

Mine were hellishly itchy post op, but witch hazel really helped, what I did was get some 'Witch Doctor hazel gel' and lightly and carefully put it near my incision locations, it really stopped the itching! Ask around and research into it and if you're confident in it, give it a try :)

Hi everyone just a bit of an update.

Well I have been allergic to the plasters they put on and I went to have a wound check on Friday afternoon. They said to keep my belly button area open so it can set up and my left wound is infected! Very itchy indeed feeling frustrated because I want to get back to my fitness but can't because of it.

Hope your all having a good day xxxx

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