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Tired of waiting!

Hi,was just wondering if anybody else has had issues with waiting time for a lap with the n and n hospital in norwich,I have been told I'm on the waiting list for a lap and its a 35 week waiting list that means I won't b seen till next April at the earliest! This is driving me nuts as everybody keeps telling me the waiting list should only b 18 weeks.....I've talked to Pals at the hospital to query this and was told that's the wait time there's nothing they can do to help me....has anybody else had to wait this amount of time????

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Hi, I'm in Cheshire and got referred by specialist in July. Just rang hospital and lap will be in December. I was told that they had a lot of people with cancer who are being treated by the same specialist. I thought my wait feels ages, but I can't believe you will have to wait until April.


That is terrible -35 weeks. Have you spoken to the consultant's secretary to say you could take a cancellation (if you can obviously)? i really feel for you that is such a long way off. Is it a diagnostic lap or one for endo removal? My lap (same place) was for both as consultant 100% sure I had endo so he excised at the same time. I have had a very good outcome but it was 4 yrs ago and wait time was far far less. I really hope you can seen sooner - best wishes.


It's a diagnosis lap but my gyno pretty sure it's endo and I was told if they find endo they will try removal if possible...I've spoken to lots of diff people at hospital and I still get the same reply 35 week wait,I've told them I would take a cancellation as was told by the admissions seceraty I haven't been a the waiting list long enough!!! I don't think they get it they don't have to live with it.....thank you for your reply 😊


I share your frustration! I have been on the NHS waiting list for a lap and removal of endometriomas since Nov but if I want it done privately I can have it done any Thursday of my choice!!! My GP has been chasing the consultants secretary without any luck. I was told in Nov and Feb that the surgery would be March or April - maybe they meant 2016!!


It's disgusting to wait this long...if I could afford private I would I'm in no position to pay it 😠 it seems like I'm going to be wiring a long time,I'm sry to hear that u will have a long wait like me xxx

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