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Waiting for laparoscopy

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Hi I wanted to ask how long from being put on the waiting list you had to wait till your lap? I’ve been waiting 6 months and was told yesterday it would at least be another 4 months. Am feeling pretty hopeless and down because of this, haven’t stopped crying. Am meant at to start uni in September as well as. Was wondering if there was anyway you can have it done sooner? Thankyou xx

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My doctor kept pushing it back by 3 months at a time, trying to get me to try different meds in a weird sort of trial and error game. Eventually I snapped and insisted that I wasn't leaving till I sign the forms for the laparoscopy and get him to agree. I'm always extremely polite, so the tears where heavy haha, I got my op 6 months later, wait lists are hell :(

The wait is excruciating, but it's worth it if it goes well <3 universities are really helpful with health issues, if you haven't already, start keeping track of medical letters and any 'evidence' you have of endo and operations, because if it does impact your course, which can happen (and if it does happen it's okay and you'll cope well with it <3 ) then you can submit pmc's, get time extensions etc, health makes the already stressful uni experience even more stressful, BUT YOU CAN DO IT! Be open with your limitations and pain thresholds with the university and student services and they should be really understanding and helpful <3

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Thankyou for the advice, been to GP today and he’s sent a letter to consultant, has also advised me to email the uni and that they can provide evidence for mitigating circumstances for me, hoping this will help xx

Yes there is a way!

I was facing a 8 month wait for my third laparoscopy ( with an endo specialist) and my symptoms became much more severe. I saw my GP and she wrote on my behalf to my endo consultant and he handed the letter to the admissions team. The following day the admissions team offered me an appointment 2.5 weeks later! I had my surgery on Monday. In the end it was a 3 month wait.

Definitely see your GP and get them to write to the consultant 👍 PALS are also another route to explore should that fail ( not saying it will) ladies have had success going down the PALS route too.

When it’s impacting your life & health you need to get them to give you a date sooner.

Write all the symptoms and lay it on thick ; they need to know just how bad it really is . I think us ladies are really brave and tend to play it down but don’t 🙂Sometimes we have to fight im afraid 🙁

Good luck xoxo

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Thanks for the advice, went to a different GP today and he said how long I’ve been waiting is unacceptable and has sent and angry letter to consultant thankfully. Am hoping this will speed things up xx

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I’m so glad the doctor listened to you. It is completely unacceptable the waiting lists. Unfortunately they don’t listen to us however a angry dr they do 😏 Really hope you get a date soon 🙌🏻 xoxo

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