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Appt with Consultant after Lap

Hey all - So I had my Lap done a week today and whilst I was in recovery my consultant came to see me to confirm what they actually did during surgery and that she would get me back to her clinic in a few weeks time to discuss in full and IVF - Well received the appt letter through yesterday and guess what it's NOT till 30th March 2016, joke.....

Rang her secretary and consultant will phone me today to go through things in more depth, but to be honest I'd rather speak to her face to face and discuss IVF, and if the Endo will return...... Am I being stupid for calling secretary????? I just don't want to wait 6/7mths to see her then wait a further year for IVF...... You feel like your getting somewhere and then there's more obstacles in your way stopping you!!!

Sorry for my rant! Xxx

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Hi - that's ridiculous. What I suggest you do is get a copy of the surgical report from your GP. It may not have been received yet so you may have to give it another week or so but it's always best to have copies of important procedures anyway. There will be a small charge.

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Thanks Lindle


Hi, was this a keyhole surgery to remove part of the endo? ... I'm just wondering because I've had same done and they said I need to wait for a letter to be referred to clinic about my operation when I was in recovery but what sort of stuff will they discuss? I'm nervous! And scared cos I want kids!!!


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