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no real discussions with a consultant before my first lap

i have my first lap two weeks today. needless to say i am really nervous, i keep having panic attacks, even waking up through the night panicking, and one reason is because i'm so scared i'll go under anesetic and keep thinking i wont wake up, ridiculous as everyone keeps telling me but my reason for fearing this is because i'm over weight. i have lost 5 and a half stone since last year so i was severely overweight, i still have about another 4-5 stone to go, but i am a completely different person from a year ago - i exercise everyday, swimming, zumba, walking, circuits, its been hard and still is hard especially when everyday you're in pain but most days i still manage it.

i have all these fears going round in my head......the overweight thing, 18 mths ago one gynae doctor told me until you lose 5st we wont look at you, if you lose the weight your problems will disappear, she was very unsympathetic and told me to lose weight in such a way that she thought i'd never lose 5st, so glad i have - i know weight does not help any condition but i know it had not caused my problems, and the fact i had gained a lot because of being so poorly with all this.

last july was my last gynae appointment with a consultant, he at that time agreed to remove mirena and do endometrial ablation and said 'oh you don't need a laparoscopy' he also said that my fibroids wouldn't be causing my pains or problems, but why wouldn't they? not one consultant has questioned me on my symptoms, or asked of my families background (all the women on my mums side have had hysterectomies in their 30's) i know that doesn't necessarily mean me too, but i am having the same problems as them but i've never felt any consultant has taken me seriously.

they have agreed to do the lap at the same time as the ablation because my gp wrote and asked them once i'd lost the required amount of weight, but i still would've liked a chat with the consultant to know that he knows my symptoms and to talk to me about the procedure and what he will do depending on what, if anything, he finds. i guess its because i read on here so very often on how most of you seem to have had good discussions with your consultants. so no chat with the consultant, my preop was done last july and they said i dont need an up to date one done, but i'm at least 3 and a half stone lighter. i just feel i'm going into this blind, i have a gp appointment next week so i can tell her how i'm feeling, and she is lovely and always makes me see sense but then i feel like i'm over reacting.

recap on my symptoms:

very heavy periods, housebound whilst on them lasting for 10-14 days and for several days having labour pains for several hours on those days

daily pain/ache of left lower side of pelvis and lower back, tugging gnawing feeling, varies in how painful, sometimes just dull aching others full on crippled over

first scan april 2011 said thickened lining, a few 'small' fibroids, hysteroscopy done biopsies etc july 2011, mirena inserted

since mirena very erratic periods, it has reduced flow dramatically but i bleed everyday pretty much but i can cope with that, has not reduced pain much, probably 2-3 days per month of 'labour days' as i call them, and it really is like the latter stages of labour, but daily pain remains the same

mri scan in april 2012, showed 4cm suspected chic cyst on left ovary, my gp was almost happy that they had found an explanation, rescanned 3 months later and apparently the cyst had gone, but i still had that same left pain :/ so obviously it wasn't that cyst causing the pain

sorry to have made it a long one - hope everybody is having a pain free day xxx

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I can understand what you're saying about the weight issue. Docs give the impression that unless you're a size 8 everything has to be your fault. If they couldn't blame weight problems for so many issues most doctors would be stumped to find an actual cause! Well done on losing so much! I'm really struggling at the moment, I don't know how you've found the energy to do it all! My doctors seem to ignore the fact that my symptoms were only slightly better when I was 5 dress sizes smaller.

Have you followed any particular kind of diet?

I'm not sure where you are, but on my NHS we can ring our consultants' secretary at the hospital to raise any issues such as those you have. Particularly your pre-op as anaesethic dosages are calculated to your weight. Also I have found that you don't necessarily see the consultant until a few hours before the op, generally then they'll come round and explain things a lot better. You could try phoning the hospital or ask your GP for advice.

Try not to worry too much!

Hope it all goes well xx


Hi, well done on your weight loss you should be proud of yourself, and don't worry you obviously have a lot to deal with. I am glad that the cyst has gone. It's normal to be nervous about any surgery - try and be positive ?? Hormones can play havoc with how you think and feel.

If its any consolation I met my consultant/ surgeon on the day of my op he was very aloof I had to ask his name because he wasn't very forth coming with any information both before or after my lap. My Gynae appointment had been with his colleague. They discovered my endo cyst last August and I had the op less than 3 weeks ago.

Ask your GP for advice she sounds like she will listen. Ask your GP if you can get your hormone levels checked you might be oestrogen dominant.

As for your pain have you tried heat wrap/ bags they have worked when painkillers don't especially during my recovery from the op.

Be strong and the lap will give you the answers to help get you out of all the pain you are in.

All the best x


hi both - i've just had my gp receptionist ring saying the op has been cancelled, and that i had to ring the hosp, so i did and they said no its not cancelled, then she said its not the consultant doing the op but a registrar, i've just had a little freak out - am i naive to think i was having a consultant do my op? i just assumed it from the letter, it didn't say him or one of his team it said him, so i felt reassured at a very experienced consultant doing it, now i'm freaking out.

my main reason is should for some reason it turns to open surgery (my friend had key hole for her cyst removal, they caught her bowel so had to be opened up and as she is on the larger side her wound took 6 months to heal) and i know i'm totally over reacting but i'm in total panic at the moment.

jellybean i follow slimming world plan, i have tried every diet going but this is the only one that has worked.

thanks for the advice guys, i'm trying to calm now and be sensible xxx


i hate when GPs and consultant dont inform you with the right information. I had the same issue... try not to think about the surgery it will be fine :) ... honestly i was feeling the same way as you are, try not to panik even though i know it is hard not to... but the more relaxed you are the better it is for yourself. Hope it all goes well for you x



Hope you are less panicked today ?? It so unnerving when the departments don't consult with each other, let alone when they don't tell you what is happening. Try and keep yourself occupied and not to dwell too much on the lap.

You will be looked after. You will be given a consent form to sign... Make sure you read it ask questions don't be rushed into signing its your body and the opportunity to clarify anything you are unsure about.

I think everyone is nervous and panicky about any operation, it's normal, take a few deep breathes and try and think of something nice I know everything is whole lot worse at night. It will be worth it in the end to get you out of all your pain.

Best wishes x


hi - yes i'm much calmer now lol, i will get some reassurance from gp next week so can ask her all these concerns i have, and will calm my irrational thoughts.

thanks to you all xxx


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