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General Gynaecologist secretary keep phoning after I cancelled lap Update


So I rang gynaecologist saying I’ve cancelled my lap in their appointments office the lady on the phone said that they will call me asking why which they did I didn’t answer the call as I already feel really intimidated by the secretary and gynaecologist .I rang last week asking why I wasn’t offered an m.r.i and was told I won’t be offered one as not needed. now they are begging for an explanation for why I’ve cancelled which I don’t feel I have to explain .the g.p may have the letter now from private consultant I’m not sure and wanted to wait till Tomorrow. Am I doing the right thing by not answering and explaining? I got a second opinion !I feel the secretary is really abrupt on the phone and always says she’s right I’m worried she will try convince me to have the lap I’m really hoping this Dosent make relations with my g.p difficult

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I would block their number!

Medical secretaries seem to have a chip on their shoulder, well the ones I have spoke with previously x

I really don’t know why she’s like that all my experience so far with these gynaecologist have been awful the whole whispering through appointment thing last appointment really offended me aswell and I felt forced to sign for that lap

it’s all been negative for me unfortunately I felt like it was like it or lump it.they would not offer me the lap via a specialist at all.

i thought to myself surely I don’t have to explain to her they should just accept I’m not having it and de refer me my experience has not been pleasant I just find it weird they wouldn’t give me an mri either as that shows Adenomyosis I’m told it should have been investigated if I had that due to misscarrige and nothing no mri

I’m not allowed one due to cost

but they will waste tax payer money on a lap by general gynaecologist for me to then have another one and pay more money also tax payers money whole system is stupid

I’m so sorry you are going through this.

It’s hard enough coping with this all without having to fight with doctors too.

I had problems for years and doctors dismissed me as I was “young” and said it’s all IBS related. What a load of rubbish!

Can you change surgery or something to be taken seriously?


This is at the general hospital that my g.p referred me to there awful

I would just answer their call and be honest. If you block their number/keep ignoring them they could discharge you from their service x

Afrohair in reply to SarahMow

That’s what I want honey and what I was expecting them to do

Afrohair in reply to SarahMow

If you look at my previous posts you will understand the whole story

Hunny you should be able to choose which hospital you attend. I had a choice of all the local ones. Just tell your gp that you have not had a good experience there and ask to go to another one. So this is an nhs lap that youve cancelled, not the private one? I know a lot of nhs hospitals dont give mri’s for this. Ive never had an mri. Think its because they arent guarenteed to see it on there.xx

Yes it’s nhs but they booked me in without a specialist and only to diagnose the private consultant works on nhs and he said if I had that lap I could end up with 3 ops because they are not specialised and won’t be able to do anything about the deep in filtered endometriosis nodule they would just close me back up so he said it’s best to wait as he’s 95%positive I have endo without having to do anything because he felt the nodule on examination no one else had noticed it because they aren’t specialised he said if I did it with the general gynaecologist I’d then need surgery again and I need to be seen by bsge specialist

Afrohair in reply to Afrohair

My private consultant said because I had a misscarrige and endo they should have checked for adyemotrosis ?being the cause of misscarrige and they didn’t check the ultrasound didn’t show and they wouldn’t offer mri they did all other investigation for misscarrige but not this one

Afrohair in reply to Afrohair

Where as he would treat and diagnose in one because he’s specialised

I see, well thats a bloody good reason to cancel this lap, and iff they keep ringing you just tell them that youve seen an endo specialist who advised you to cancel the one with the gynae because you have some deep seated endo and you want to go with him. Its your body and your choice so dont feel intimidated by anyone. Shes just a bloomin secretary, you tell her straight and dont worry about it xx

Thanks Hun they just didn’t seem to know what they were doing my first appointment they put me on pill .second appointment asked me why I’m on pill?had no recollection of putting me on .it I had to explain how he said it would calm my womb after misscarrige and we know how fertile we are after misscarrige don’t we ?

so I missed that fertile moment because he encouraged me to go on pill. the specialist told me to stop it as it’s making my endo worse my body Dosent agree with it I was bleeding every day non stop for two month nearly 3 now I’ve only missed one two pills today and yesterday and I already feel miles better.i was breaking out in spots and my hair was dropping out pill has never agreed with me hence why I’ve never had any hormonal pill only thing what worked for me was mirena

Afrohair in reply to Afrohair

Wish I had your courage lol I’ve turned into a mouse all of a sudden I feel like I’ve been fighting for so long already it’s already been 9 months I’ve been fighting soon be 10 I’m near giving up if nothing happens soon about all this lol just want things to get moving and be treated its so sad the way system works and how us endo girls have to fight I know my case might be a lot different to others and people have really felt betrayed and told to put up but I can’t accept not having right treatment I will just find someone else to moan to till I get to bottom of it and I will start to piss people of I’ve already started writing my letter to pals in case I don’t get listened to.😂

Next time they call, I'd just explain how you feel about the way they've treated you. You're entitled to seek a second opinion and they should know that. Explain that you have, and he's an endo specialist, and what he's told you. If they don't like it, tough. You're the patient, it's your body, and only you know how you feel. If your specialist works for that hospital as well as doing private work, they can just ask him, or contact him for his medical opinion and why he's given you the advice he has.

I'd continue with writing your complaint letter too, no patient should ever be treated the way you have been. If your gynae isn't a specialist and that's what you need, they should understand that. As for the medical secretary, she shouldn't be demanding and confrontational. Next time she calls, just gently explain your position, it's her problem if she doesn't like it, not yours.


Afrohair in reply to Clairey007

Thankyou I don’t think they will contact him as they would not even refer me to him on request they were the ones who told me to look for him privately which I did and they said that he was too far away for a referral but I didn’t find that reason good enough as on first appointment he was hesitant to refer he just wanted me to be under his care .it’s ridiculous there are no endo specialist in my area apparently the nearest is Sheffield but he is not taking on any more patients in Sheffield I heard. So it’s only natural to look where the specialist is .it was like I got sick of asking for a specialist they just referred me for a lap without one any way got me to fill this paperwork in I think they knew full well what they were doing even more in the appointment he had a sore throat him and the secretary/nurse were laughing about it they didn’t take my appointment serious at all

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