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Lap day!

Finally the day has arrived! I’m currently waiting in admission to be called by the anaesthesist and then the surgeon before being prepped.

If I remember correctly, it should be a while... Everyone looks on edge; support people are tired, patients are thirsty and wondering why or what we are waiting for.

I wonder what the other patients are in for... No one else is female and my age, so I guess I will be the only one today for an endo excision lap!

We’ve just been called to give our names... On the board, behind the nurses, I could see my name is second of the list... Sigh of relief, I won’t have to wait too long. Last time I was here was in June and I had to wait until 3pm in a super hot room with no window to open, I really suffered from thirst and hunger as it was 35 degrees outside!

I shall be called soon to go through first round of questions.

See you soon ladies 🎗

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40min, haven’t been called yet... But hubby had started snoring in the waiting room....


Best of luck! I hope your surgery goes well. 😊


Ah ah it’s been canceled actually..... A nurse came at 8 am to tell me that the surgeon was too ill to perform!


Aww no! Do you know when its rebooked in for? That's so frustrating, they don't understand how difficult it is for us to keep waiting when its painful everyday 😣


Thank you but not there yet... 😩


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