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First appt with consultant finally!!

Went to see consultant today for the first time and after waiting an hour and half after my appt time she eventually saw me!! She did all the regular checks and asked the usual questions.had an examination,the pain was unreal when she did that.i nearly shot through the roof.she tried to suggest different hormonal ideas but havin tried most i have rrefused for various reasons.she has agreed and spoken to another consultant who also agreed I need a lap so am now waiting for an appt for me to have that done.she suggested i have it layered away whilst under and speak to gp about surpressing it after the op with hormones of some form.so guess I need to see whats available that wont send me loopy!!!

Also been booked for another ultrasound to see if any cysts are on my ovaries etc.

All fun and games hey!! Think hubby had eye opener today! X

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Hey know how u feel about the examination, mine was agony and i bled after it too. I would tell them u want it cut away rather than lasered as its only taking away the surface. It needs to be cut away so the root of endo is removed as it will just grow back very quickly just being lasered. Hope u get ur app thro soon xx


Thank u.can I ask the surgeon to cut it away instead of laser? Te consultant didnt mention cutting it away xx


I would prefer this as they are only lasering the surface away and that means the root of it still there so its not really doing much to help. Ask ur consultant and see what they say. I know now that they all do things differently and laser is what was always done but cutting it away is more beneficial. xx


Excision surgery is the only way to be rid of endo lesions, lasering can remove the shallow lesions, but just cuts the surface back of the deeper stuff without getting to the roots of it.

It does depend on the skill and training of the surgeon (which is why we always recommend being referred to a specialist endo gynacologist rather than a fertility specialist gyaecologist) and not all lesions are safe to be tackled with laser or excision, especially if they are on fragile parts of other essential organs, and those procedures might require a second op with a specialist colorectal surgeon or bladder surgeon, so don't expect a miracle in the first op, part of that will be to have a really good rummage round and map out what can be done there and then and what will have to wait.

If you are planning to have a mirena coil inserted, then add that to the list of things to be done during the op, That way it is inserted pain free, and can be placed in the correct position using a scan to make sure. Quite different to having it put in while you're awake with a nurse shoving it in with the help of a speculum OUCHYYYYYYYY.


I've got my first appointment with a specialist tomorrow and I'm so frightened... xxx


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