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Help :-(

Sorry for the long post, but if anyone can help and tell me if they have had this before it would really help me.

For months I have been suffering with random bleeds between periods. So much so that I went to my drs and have managed to get a appointment to see an endo specialist (well, hopefully anyway as the hospital for the second time running has booked me into the wrong clinic).

That aside I have been off work for almost 5 weeks now. I have been suffering with severe lower abdominal pain. I did have diarrhoea and bouts of feeling sick but not physically being sick and hot and cold sweats and I cannot eat much at all! Ive lost around 6lbs in the past few weeks.

I had been taking northiserone to stop the bleeding, but this hasnt worked. On top of the abdominal pains and taking the northiserone I have been bleeding much heavier than normal for me, for two weeks.

With the abdomial pain, its like my whole insides are being twisted and punched.

I have been to the drs almost every day of the week. Had morphine injections so I can sleep (the pain is so severe I cannot sleep!) Oramorph and tramadol prescriptions.

I was told I had a stomach bug, ive had blood tests an external ultrasound. I even went to a&e, gave a urine test and was told I had a urine tract infection and given antibiotics and told to move on my way.

Turns out even after these antibiotics, I still have a urine tract infection which isnt e-coli based. So I was given more.

Im reliant on pain releif, if I miss it I am in serious pain and I feel like I am getting absolutely no where with what is wrong!

I have been given two options, see the specialist or be admitted to hospital, but im not sure if this is gynae related or not?

Im at my wits end and to be honest I feel like im becoming depressed over the whole situation. Has anyone been through something like this?

Thank you

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I had dysfunctional uterine bleeding for some years leading up to my diagnosis. I was bleeding more than not, which was compounded by having untreated thyroid problems that are known to make this even worse (cause very heavy bleeding).

By the time I got nearer a diagnosis of endometriosis I was at crisis point - unable to sit down (due to searing pain in my underneath) or stand for long. I spent 11 months in a complete state waiting for a laparoscopy, but having to go through hoops of waiting to see different doctors and scans and stuff before I got the actual surgery.

I would definitely opt to see the endometriosis specialist with a view to getting a laparoscopy. If that fails they could look at what else it could be with a hospital admission.


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