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Lower back pain, is it endo?

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Just had an apt with endo specialist and hes not sure whats going on. Can be scar tissue after 4 ops he said. No visable signs on echo.. but ive terrible lower back pain on right side and right lower abdominal. Also going down my leg...now he says maybe its a spinal complaint not endo. Ive been told for years that the pain was endo.

Ive been following the diet mostly. But had high stress in last month. Im lost, dont know where to go. Specialist calls me back in 2 weeks. Ive had a hysterectomy 10 years ago but got ovaries still. Allergic to the mini pill...

Please help, advice or share

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I have back pain that is disc related as well as RV Endo and lots of adhesions that's just been excised.

It's been impossible to tell how much the pain was one or the other, I always put it down to my back issue as I was only diagnosed a year ago.

It always got worse during times of stress I guess your body tenses up and I believe stress can cause inflammatory immune reactions. Have you tried Kalms or aromatherapy or other things to reduce stress?

Have you had a back MRI to identify or rule out any disc problems?

Have you tried keeping a symptom diary to see if it's got a cyclical pattern which might help differential diagnosis?

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Hi, thanks for your response. I have kept a pain diary. Theres no pattern. Only with sex is there a pain connection. But not food or time of the month. Its been an exceptional month for stress. Normally with meditation and relaxed lifestyle I can avoid too much stress. No MRI for disk problem.I think that will be the next step..

Blood work back in 2 weeks and then talk with the specialist about next steps...

Still bad pain in back and dull pain in the front lower abdominal area😕

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Starry in reply to TAnd71

Sounds good, you really need a clearer diagnosis. My pain could happen anytime but I did sometimes have pain peaks in my menstrual cycle so I think both things caused it.

I have been sleeping with cushions under my knees which helps take the strain off your back at night.

Good luck x

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TAnd71 in reply to Starry

On your side you mean?

I find it painful to lay flat on my back

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Starry in reply to TAnd71

Both. I develop hip pain when I lay on my side ( with cushion on between) so the nhave to also lay on my back for a bit with two cushions to keep my knees up enough.

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