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Scared and unsure

Hi all, this is my first post on here so apologies if I get anything wrong!

I recently had a scan which showed 2 ovarian cysts. One has ruptured and detatched and the other is approx 5/6cm and attached to my right ovary.

I had the Mirena coil fitted in May 2013 as I had spent years on a variety of different contraceptive pils and the Dr's wanted me to choose another method.

I was reffered for a scan as I was in constant pelvic and lower back pain and I was worried that this was linked to the coil. I was constantly bloated too. The lady who scanned me found the cysts and also noted that I have fibroids (although these were noticed in a routine scan with my second child and I do not believe they are a problem)

She said it looks most probable that I have endometriosis and reffered my for further investigations.

I have an appointment this Thursday and I am petrified! I have no clue what to expect and my head is filled with "what if's" and uncertainty.

Any advice / guidance would be massively appreciated.


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Hi - try and clear your head and make the most of your appointment. Be sure to write down all your symptoms so you don't miss anything. The first course with suspected endo is hormone meds but you have already tried lots of these so you need a lap to find out what is going on. If you are in England or Wales then the NICE guidelines for management of suspected endo are at this link:


Be confident and request a lap and don't take no for an answer.

If after a lap you are told you don't have endo be aware that it can be missed in general gynaecology and you should monitor your symptoms and then seek a second opinion from a specialist. Come back if you need help. x


Thank you so much Lindle for your reply.

I am getting myself in a muddl eso I will take the time tonight to prepare properly.

Ill have a proper read of the link but it looks well worth the full read, thank you.

I hadn't considered it being missed in the first instance.

Will definatley be in touch again after tomorrow



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