New and unsure

I'm total fed up and feel at a loss after having a scan which shows no cysts on the ovaries which is obviously good and clear blood tests.

Last time I saw the doctor she said if no improvement she will refer me to a gynaecologist. I'm going on Tuesday to push for this a I have just experienced the worst period ever! I always suffer badly but they seem to be getting worse and the pain and clots where much worse.

I just wondered how long it took you to be taken seriously and get a diagnosis? I'm also trying for a baby and have been for 7 months which I know isn't a long time but how long did it take for you to conceive?

Thank you for reading

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  • Feel your pain Hun 😢 I have always had agonising periods lasting 5-7 days and clots. My son is ten did have miscarriage 2009 and have never tried again.

    I have for last year or so said to doctor they are getting worse she suggested I go back on the pill to help with pain.

    I've been in mortal agony since 6th September period started on 9th lasted only 3 days horrendous clots I have been to gp 5 times out of hours doc 3 times prescribed painkillers after painkiller that make no difference. Admitted to hospital twice with the pain and suspected kidney or fall stones had scan 15th sept no stones though cyst 4.5cm by 2.8 cm as I was in urology ward they couldn't help so discharged and back to gp how called gyne who insisted my pain wasn't related to cyst would re scan in 6 weeks was re admitted to hospital 22nd as blood in urine high temp racing pulse etc again sent to urology as though scan had missed stone. Was sent for ct scan 23rd urology surgeon and registrar said as well as cyst they think I have endo so have referred me to gyne I'm pulling my hair out pain in agonising today.

  • Aww bless you! I feel your pain too, feels like your helpless and a hypochondriac at times but I know I am not and I know my body! Hope it gets better for you! x

  • Thanks very much you too just keep calling your gp Hun they have to do something for you xxxx

  • Hi.

    I know exactly what you are going through. It took around 5 years for me to be diagnosed with Endometriosis, a lot of the time it was through my own fault as I just shut myself from the world whenever I was in pain or suffered extremley heavy bleeds rather than getting help. Around the age of 22 I'd had enough, mainly because it was affecting my social/work life and intimate times with my then partner, so I finally went to the doctors. My doctor kept palming me off with painkillers and tablets which should have stopped the bleeding which obviously didn't help so I kept going back until she realised that what I was going through wasn't right. I then went for a scan but unless you have cysts they unfortunately can't find Endometriosis, so that's where a laparoscopy is needed.

    I would advise you that when you go back to the doctor make sure she/he knows how you feeling and what you are going through and I know it sounds bad but really play on it. Hopefully they will refer you to a specialist who is trained in the Endometriosis field and they will examine you properly and fingers crossed you will get a laparoscopy to investigate ASAP.

    I don't know what area you are from but I found that going to support groups near me really helped me, talking to others without them questioning me or looking at me funny made me feel a bit more positive. At the support group one of the specialist nurses attended which was really helpful. They also discuss about getting pregnant at these groups.

    Good luck for tomorrow

    Shell x

  • Thank you it's just nice to know others have been when you have so I'm going this morning and will push for a referral as I can't take anymore palming off! X

  • How did your appointment go?

    Shell x

  • Hi shell it went really well thankfully! Saw a lively understanding doctor who agreed that she thinks I may have endrometreosis and referred me to a gyni so fingers crossed whatever is going on will be found! x

  • Ah good, I'm glad :) Do you know where they have referred you to?



  • I get to choose from 3 hospitals in Berkshire, Frimley, Heatherwood or Reading Royal Berks hospital so will have a little look on their websites about their gyni's x

  • I'm not gonna lie I was originally referred to Frimley and I wasn't impressed however I may have just got an inexperienced doctor.

    I think you possibly live around my area, if so I would check out the Endometriosis support group which is held at St Peter's hospital every month. It's really helpful! I'm going to look back into going there as mine has flared up again.



  • Aww thanks for your advice and I will look into the support group as can see how it help speaking to people in the same position xx

  • That's okay :) let me know if you do go because I might see you there!



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