Constant pain in left ovary, groin and hip since lap 15 months ago

Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and would greatly appreciate any advice or people that have had a similar experience. I'm sorry if it's a bit long winded! I had a lap last May where endo was diagnosed, they removed a 6cm cyst from my left ovary which was bound down with adhesions and adhesions from left large bowel. I had a few bouts of severe pain prior to this surgery but the pain I have now is different and has became pretty constant preventing me from leading a normal life!I have been unable to work for last 4 months and the pain Is completely disabling, it's on my left hip and ovary area and in my left groin and inner thigh so makes it very hard to walk, I used to be such an active person , my life has comp changed, I can't do any straining or lifting , stand for long periods , go for a short walk, and have sex with my husband. Post surgery the pain started to be very severe around my period and ovulating, but I would have a bit of relief in between, I never returned to my normal activity but was able to be fairly active and have sex without severe pain after, but for the last 8 months it's pretty constant. I'm not able to do much at all as it will set of the pain I feel pretty disabled :( it's really getting me down I can't help but think that this is me now, I went into this surgery a fit and healthy 36 year old and have never been the same since! I'm sorry for the essay!! Tried amitriptyline but that didn't work, I've been on zoladex for 6 weeks now the consultant wants to see if it's live endo causing it which wasn't removed, I have had no relief yet I know it can take 2-3 months to work... Any advice/ knowledge would be greatly apprecciated.. Many thanks in advance 😊

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I would ask for an MRI with a contrast dye to check blood flow and tubes, I had one and it diagnosed Pelvic Congestion Syndrome x

Thankyou so much for your reply I will definitely go back to my gp I did mention this a while back after reading online about it and they fobbed me off grrr did you have similar pain and did you get treatment for the pelvic congestion syndrome? X


Some GP's are reluctant to send you for anything once you mention, "I read on the internet". I would see another doctor or request an MRI with the dye test on the pelvic / renal area, as this highlighted my problems.

Apart from having endo, I have very similar problems to what your having now. Feel free to private message me with other symptoms (if you have them and didn't want to disclose on here) or any questions.

Trust me I know how it can knock your confidence, energy levels and social life x

Your defenately right about GPS I will go see different one asap and be more assertive this time !

I wee ALL the time like every half hour isnt unusual for me and get constipated all time despite making conscious effort to eat lots fibre i do feel like ive broken! This pain is ruining my life and I'm going to lose my job in a month if I don't improve I can't hold down a job if on regular basis I can't even get out to my garden.. Thankyou so much for yr support I'm sorry you are suffering too :( X

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