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I need some advice from anyone who could help me with what to do next with my left ovary/groin pain?

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I have had alot of tests and surgery and now every professional around me is giving up due to my symptoms getting worse but nothing is showing on my tests and I can't live like this anymore.

I had a laccroscopy in December where they found a removed 10 lesions from me fallopian tube and removed both my ovaries from my uterus wall but they have since joined back to the uterus wall and I'm in agony, 2 months ago I was admitted to hospital where I was told id had a burst cyst on my left hand ovary but that's nothing to worry about but the pain im getting on the left of my groin is agonising!

Can anyone help please im desperate.

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Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this. Have you been given a good painkiller?

When you say nothing is showing on tests, how do you know your ovaries are stuck again?

Have they done a pelvic mri? Worth insisting on that.

There is something called Serrapeptase which could unstick your ovaries by dissolving the adhesions. Worth having a look to see if it's worth a try. It's important you start on the lowest dose per day (80,000iu), then increase to 160,000iu a day if you wish. If you can tolerate it worth taking it for 3 to 6 months minimum. There are some issues for diabetics and anyone with a blood disorder so best to check that. Serrapeptase can increase pain for a couple of weeks but it does stop after that.

In my case i had scar tissue from my last operation causing lots of pain daily. After a few weeks of serrapeptase its stopped hurting altogether. Hasn't hurt since last Sept.

If you'd like further information on natural things that work I'm happy for you to send me a private message. I can share my research with you. x

I was given oramorph when leaving hospital then offered paracetamol from there on as my gp as said i should be healed after a week, but my symptoms are persistent and continuing to get worse and I have a gut feeling something isn't right with me,

Sorry I didn't explain myself very well nothing is showing in blood tests, urine tests (apart from a continuing uti since my surgery in dec 2020) but other than that nothing, I have been given a ultrasound scan to show fluid around that area and my ovary on my left is facing the same way as it was before the surgery but that's the only test I've been offered, I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and he told me pain management is the only thing he can offer me now... I'm only 27 ...

I would be more than happy for you to private message me anything that might be able to help I appreciate your reply and your advice so far thankyou xxx

Hey, I'm sorry that your surgeon said that, they could operate again. Worth asking the GP to refer for a second opinion at another hospital (you can name the consultant to be referred to if you have a preference). I did that recently and the mri scan there was so helpful. Will message you later x

I've been let down by everyone lately to be honest hun, thankyou for taking the time out of your day to speak to me :) xx

I've sent you a private message. x

I strongly feel you need a second opinion. You've been left in pain without proper help or advice. Would it be an idea to try and find a good specialist in endometriosis you could travel to and ask your GP for an urgent referral. Stress how much you are suffering! Go private if you possibly can. Good luck! xx

Heya hun its nice to hear from you, I will definitely look into it, I'm getting more symptoms than ever and I'm so worried xx

BTW can't believe they said you should be healed from that after a week. Heartless or what? They've not got a clue! xx

Oh darling thats just the tip of the iceberg it was a women gp who said she'd been through similar experiences as me, I'm at a complete loss as to what to do my darling xx

That's shocking! I went through hell years ago. The thing that helped most was finding a specialist and going from there. Read their reviews, how they treat people with endometriosis symptoms. I'm so sorry for the mess you're in. Many of us have been through horrific experiences.

Good luck xx

I'm sorry to hear anyone has suffered like I am right now, that saddens me. The pain is unbearable and the constant ignorance and disbelief in what I'm saying severely affecting my bipolar to be honest. Thankyou for dropping by to comment darling xx

Sorry to hear about your issues. A burst cyst should definitely be treated. I just had my 2nd lap to remove everything- ovaries, uterus. But just 7 mths ago I had my 1st lap to remove endometriomas, severe endo, tubes and part of left ovary. After just a few months, I was in terrible pain again, had to go to emergency. Ultrasound showed 5cm cyst already, 5 months post surgery. Now during my surgery a few days ago, the dr said the cyst must have ruptured because it was a huge mess all over my insides. Everything just leaked out all over, covered my uterus and organs. So just to tell you that doing nothing about the ruptured cyst would not be good for your insides, beyond the extreme pain but for your longer term health and safety of your other organs. Please get another opinion and get it taken care of. Good luck xx

Thankyou for your comment hun, my goodness, what would you suggest I do at this point darling? I'm not being listened to by anyone hun my gynaecologist has said their is nothing more they can do and my gp surgery keeps telling me different things :( my mental health is massively effected and I struggle to get past my anxiety and other issues to fight for myself :( im so lost at what to do :'( im completely broken.

Sorry for the rant hun, thankyou for reading xxx

So sorry to hear all that you're going through. Unfortunately I don't live in UK, I live in US so I don't have any advice on how to navigate the medical system there. I was able to go to a private endometriosis specialist surgeon who performed both of my surgeries. I hope that somebody else has some advice to help you so that you can get it taken care of. It's not right for the dr to leave you in this condition! I hope you can find some help. Please take care, I totally understand your pain if you need to talk.

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