Ovaries removed at 35 due to endometrioma cysts

Hiya id just like to hear anyone whos had a similar experience to me as i dont know anybody else whos been through this

4days ago i had both ovaries removed and tubes due to having large endiometrioma cysts on both sides which had attatched themselves quite badly to some of my other organs,my gyneacologist recommends hrt due to my age 35,so ive made an appointment with my gp next week to discuss my options,,how long does it take to get menapause symptoms as i still feel ok except the post surgery pains etc,,how have other people been and what are peoples experiences with hrt etc at a younger age,its still sinking in as before my laparoscopy we didnt know if he would need to take my ovaries out or not,but he was a good oncology gyneacologist so i trust he did the best thing for me,due to my age i dont really have anyone to discuss this with whos been through it,,thankyou xxxxxx

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Hi there. I am new to this too but I am hoping that we can share experiences! I am 42 . I had both ovaries removed 2 1/2 weeks ago after years of Endometriosis and severe Pmt. I started hrt patches the day after my op. It's not going too well on the hrt currently as I have lots of nausea, headaches and have had some VERY low days. The menopause type symptoms started a few days after the op. I have had some hot flushes- 2-3 per day , several bad nights of hot/ cold so not sleeping well. I have just had some blood tests done and that have come back saying I have raised liver enzymes so this may be due to the hrt or maybe due to painkillers. I went for patches as I hoped I would have less side effects but this doesn't seem the case! I am speaking to my GP on Monday, to talk about any alternative hrt,but if you still have your uterus like me you need progesterone and estrogen so I am not sure what is available?!

Hiya BBBOA,thanks for replying and sharing your experience with me,doesnt sound too great for you at the minute either,yeah they kept my uterus in and my gyneacologist said i would need both types of hormones,im thinking its a trial and error of trying different hrt,and hopefully find one that finally suits,you started your hrt fairy soon then as my gyne told me to see my gp within a couple of weeks,i hope when you see your gp they sort you out and im hoping mine does next week,although i can see it taking some time to get it right,never expected menapause so young,its nice to be able to hear other people on this site going through the same thing and who understand xx

I get the feeling there will be quite a bit of faffing around but hopefully we will get there in the end!

Hi Helenfaye79. Just wondered how the hrt was going?

Hiya ive put on elleste duet 2mg,so far i feel absolutly fine,havent had any menapause symptoms since my op,,been only on it for 2weeks though and havent started the progesitgan part yet(spelt that wrong but u know what i mean lol),,how are you doing with your hrt xx

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