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Ovaries removed- Success stories please

I am due to have both ovaries removed next month and am starting to panic about it after reading some horror stories and wondered if anyone can give me some positive words of advice.

When i was put on Prostap i developed alot of stomach problems ie acid reflux, food intollerances etc and was taken off it. None of the doctors could say either way if this was down to the Prostap but am now thinking if it was am i likely to get these problems back which have only recently cleared up after 2 years.

Also i have read how heart disease is more likely and also breast cancer through HRT.

Am i liable to be on HRT for the rest of my life (im only 47) or can you stop it after normal menopause would have taken place, and also what form of HRT does everyone advise ie pills, patches etc.

Many thanks

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Hi - i am 44 and had my ovaries removed last August after a very successful 8 months pain free on decapeptyl. I've been not too bad but struggled with hrt and indeed had to change to a much lower dose as my consultant felt it was growing the endo. I unfortunately also have Adenomyosis so am considering a hysterectomy. My endo is stage 4 affecting uterosacral ligaments and surgery will excise the endo at the same time. I had laproscopic removal of ovaries and tubes and recovered really well. Just a shame it didn't completely work for me. I wish you good luck - keep your chin up and remember everyone is different. Keeping a positive attitude will help too xx


Hi, thankyou for your reply and fingers crossed a hysterectomy will work for you x

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Hi hunny, I'm in a similar situation I had a total hysterectomy in July 15 for adenomyosis and excision if small amounts of endo, but unfortunately I'm still in pain and I am awaiting another laparoscopy with a bsge specialist centre and my surgeon thinks he will take overies, I'm 40 so will be on hrt, at 47 you could have gone into menopause anyway, it's early but not in heard off, my mum and sisters all went into menopause at 42-43 and none of them take hrt,

For what reason are they taking overies out, ???

And you should be with a bsge specialist centre so they can do a thorough excision job at tge same time, otherwise your problem will be the sa,me, as endo is SF feeding and our bodies produce a v small amount of estrogen without overies, so if anything is left you could still get endo symptoms

Good luck, and let me know how you get o. ,xxx


Hi there, thankyou for your reply. I have stage 3/4 endo and had it excised from bowel, pouch of Douglas, ureter and ovaries in January. I was told if that didnt work that removal of my ovaries was next option although wont completely clear it as i have a deep infiltrative wall near the ureter that they cant remove it all. Ive just had an US done which showed a possible cyst on both ovaries. Ive had private hormone tests done showing that im oestrigen dominant but not really peri menopausal. My Cosultant is in a normal hospital alhough he is an endo specialist but due to fact my op is being brought forward because of the cysts its not going to be with him so waiting to find out what surgeon will be performing the op.

My biggest concern is that as soon as i started Prostap i started with horrendous acid reflux and am scared that the same will happen again as Prostap does the same job as removing ovaries and this time it cant be stopped .

Do you know if you will have to take HRT for the rest of your life if you do have ovaries removed

Fingers crossed you soon get your next Lap done xx


I think I will take hrt for a few years not forever, and check if your surgeon is on the bsge list, as these surgeons are better qualified to deal with endo, and because of the type you gave, you should have been referred to a bsge centre, please check,

They could possibly remove more endo whilst removing overies, and that's your best chance of pain free future,

General gyne often miss endo in certain situations or refuse to try to remove. Because they havnt had the appropriate training g,

Read a lady called Lindles posts

Please get refferal to a centre, overwise like me you will find yourself having to have yet another laparoscopy further down the line, xxx

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Are you being seen by a BSGE Centre (assuming you are in the UK, that is)?. Check links on here, or on the 'Endo UK' site (link at the top of page), that explain what and where these centres are. Also take a look at posts on here by Lindle.

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