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Evening ladies this is going be long post ,a little bit background 2007 a had a laparoscopy to remove ovarian cyst when I woke in recovery I was told there was complication and they had to do a oophorectomy. So full section like scar and had to remove my right ovary and large cyst, I recovered well few months after this I found out I was expecting with our first child I had beautiful baby girl who is now 7 can't believe it time fly over last 2 years I have bn admitted to hospital with sever abdominal pain back pain heavy bleeding and clotting where I couldn't leave house I was flooding had ct had ultrasound nothing should was told menstrual cramps offered an injection to put me into menopause I was distraught I am 27 yrs old and still want more of family I was discharged with all these medication to stop bleeding which never tried all different pills injection implant tried to fit coil but was excruciating so had stop, I have had to have b12 injection and I was anemic and exhausted, have bn referred bk to gyn who have recently told me all my symptoms which are severe abdominal pain heavy bleeding, pain during and after sex pain when bowels move,back pain unable to fall pregnant,bloating feeling full weight gain exhaustion, palpitations.they say definitely sound like endometriosis but can't do laparoscopy until I loose weight bring my bmi down go bk in 6 months in hope if lost weight I have been trying but can't I don't want try coil and Iam going back to doctors tomorrow as I can't suffer this I am going to ask to be referred to specialist centre for endometriosis in Edinburgh or Aberdeen can anyone think of anything else I can ask request or state to gp for my rights I am making a list as I go in and end up in tears and leave feeling useless It is effecting my relationship as I am so exhausted and self conscious of my body the bleeding etc. Sorry about long list but really would appreciate any help, I feel like they assume I'm overweight because I eat junk food and am lazy which isn't true I need some one who will listen last consultent made my full appointment about my bmi being to high, not how much pain I'm in or how this is effecting me day to day now. Long post sorry xxxxthanks ladies xxxx

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Where about do you stay? There is a brilliant gynaecologist is Aberdeen that I used to see.


Try get a referral to gyane again and see why they can't do a hysteroscopy to have a look for the cause of bleeding and clots and if they can fit a coil at the same time they do them under local and general anaesthetic. Then that may help wth symptoms and allow you to lose weight and get a piece of your life back. I don't know any consultants in Edinburgh or Glasgow but I seen Dr Jack in Aberdeen he was brilliant.

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