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Gynaecologist app no 1


Hey so I have my first appointment with my gynaecologist on Thursday! Any tips on what to say or do? It's all new to me and I don't want to get fobbed off? Thanks all

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Take someone with you as a spare pair of ears, it's so easy to forget so many things that are said.

Write yourself a list of questions as reminders, and also a list of your symptoms so you don't forget to mention any.

Good luck xxx

Thanks xx

Thanks xx

Good luck for your appointment, as the other person said I would make a list of any questions you have, and don't feel embarrassed at asking them all

Do you know you have Endo or is it just suspected at this stage?


Thanks xx

It's suspected endo at the moment so just wanna be really clear with the gynaecologist who happens to be a man but from what I can tell there are a lot of men in the profession so gonna have to blush and be done with it! X

... also make them understand how much pain you are in and how is it impacting your life.

Good luck xxx

Hi I have a male gyni and he was more understanding than my female doctor!.writing down all your symptoms is a great idea, I wish is have done that as once they were asking all the questions I'm sure I forgot to say some so will definitely make a list next time. They asked for dates of last period how long cycle was and how long period was. As mine can vary I couldn't remember exactly so definitely worth listing last few so you have the answers. I now keep a pain diary so next time ill be more prepered. Just be honest and although talking about blood clots and diareah wasn't nice just tell them everything and I wish you luck x

I also internal examination I was very sore that day and he was very gentle and quick and did ask if that was ok first. If it helps get answers for you just think of it like a smear test. Not nice but very important xx

Hey, I recently wrote a blog post with a list of questions that might be useful for you, here is the link :-) Good luck!

So app all done gynaecologist agrees and thinks its endo he has booked me in for a laparoscopy in April so now just wait and see. Thanks to everyone for all your advice and well wishes its nice to know there are people on here that not only understand but are happy to listen and help so thank you xx

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