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Finally !!! My gynae app

Hi this is my first post here have been having trouble now for last 4 years but this last year been worse.change in bowel habits,a really sore constant feeling like a cactus up my bum,heavy bleeding with clots from both front and back ends,shoulder pain .had a colonoscopy ,endoscopy where the found diverticular disease and an ultrasound which they couldn't see much apart from an enlarged uterus which could be due to fibroids.

Anyway I kept going back to doc as it was making me so anxious the two week build up to my awful period along with chronic fatigue and not like I can phone in sick at work as I am a full time carer to my daughter who has autism and I desperately want to feel better again .

Any advice on how to tackle my gynae app and not be fobbed off as I fear I might be cause of my weight gain as my bmi is about 36 and im 43 years old .just wish they could just take everything out so I didn't have to deal with this two/three weeks of every month .thank you

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Sorry forgot to say I changed doc cause was fed up of my previous one saying these symptoms were my age,weight etc and he said he is pretty convinced it could be endo and referred me to gynae I was also told that it would be April/May before I got my app but after I explained that I bleed after sex the two weeks prior to period it has now been upgraded and I will receive my app in next two weeks .what should I expect at app and I hope they take me seriously as starting to feel like I was annoying the docs keeping on at them and sure they think it's all in my head but until this last year hadnt been near a doc in years apart from routine stuff x


Hello, sorry your struggling, it's a horrid time for you, I had my gyne appointment in jan, and it went brill, he was lovely,

What I did was over the few weeks upto appointment date I wrote down all my symptoms and pain, and collated it into a letter, start at beginning/past and get as much in there as possible, he read it and picked out bits to ask about, it to me was the best thing I could of done,

He said it is possibly endo or adenomyosis and I'm having a laporoscopy on 21st March, and if he finds any endo he will cut it out, if he suspects Aden, I will probly be put into a temp menopause and if symtoms go he mentioned a hysterectomy,

if you want any more info, let me know. Good luck, stay calm,

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Hi Adenomyosis can also cause an enlarged uterus and some of the symptoms you describe. Maybe have a look at Adeno online to see if it fits for you? It is worth asking the consultant about this also. Unfortunately hysterectomy is the only cure for Adenomyosis (it does not cure endometriosis!).

It is possible to have both Adeno and endo. Although I read one article stating it was rare I doubt that is the case as I have read endless posts of women on various forums suffering from both.

I unfortunately have both Adeno and endo. I am due for major excision surgery in March to remove the endo and a total hysterectomy (ie uterus and cervix) for the Adeno. I have endometriomas (aka chocolate cysts) on both my ovaries also. My surgeon will remove the cysts but preserve the ovaries as he is adamant ovaries should be preserved due to health benefits.

The consultant may do an internal exam. Mine did and suspected Adeno immediately as my uterus was "very tender" and I had "cervical excitation" - his words. My words were I felt I was being poked with a knife and almost jumped off the table!

He may suggest a hysteroscopy and biopsy to see if it's adeno. However if the Adeno is diffused throughout the uterus it can be missed in the biopsy quite easily. Often it is diagnosed on the symptoms fitting.

A investigatory laparoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosing endometriosis.

It is best to see an endo specialist and not just a general gynaecologist. You can ask your GP to refer you to an accredited endo centre. You can find details of the centres at this web address:

Best of luck.


Hi thank you both so much for taking the time to reply ,a few people have suggested ando to me .i honestly wouldn't care if hysterectomy was only option as im lucky enough to have three children and at 43 they need their old mum back that's not suffering three weeks out of every month with this im just so scared they won't perform the lap to diagnos anything because of my weight .i am trying desperately to loose and it just won't budge much at all .thank you so much for your advice though I will go prepared with a letter .x


I wouldn't worry to much about the weight at this stage although for health reasons it's still good to eat healthily and exercise of course!

I am technically classed as obese (only just but still not happy obviously). I eat a calorie and content controlled diet and exercise everyday for an hour (even when I am exhausted, nauseous and have sciatic pain - all Adeno related apparently) but cannot budge the weight either. I feel like nobody but my husband who witnesses this believes me! However they are still going to operate on me.

I have cysts on my ovaries and Adeno & I've read that both can mess around with your hormones which can cause weight issues. I'm hoping this is the case and that after surgery and my normal exercise routine has resumed the weight will finally start coming off.


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