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Dismissive Gnaecologists?

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Hello I'm new here. I wondered if anyone else has had any bad experiences with their Endo doctors? I have had painful sex, bleeding and abdominal pain all my life. I was finally put under a consultant at age 26, last year. The man has humiliated not once, not twice but three times. He completed my laparoscopy and confirmed I had endometriosis. I also had a large cyst caused by Endo. He didn't come and explain to me what had happened or what was going  after my operation. Two major infections were missed after surgery, I had to fight for six months to get a follow up with him, when I saw him - he told me I was "cured". I've been through gastro tests as a year later the pain is back and this man insisted it was bowel problems. The people in gastro told me my pain was still pelvic and cleared me. Upon my latest referral to this man - he then proceeded to tell me all I had was muscular pain. I've now been moved hospitals to another district and under a woman. Has anyone else had any kind of humiliation or dismissal like this - or am I alone? Thanks ladies X 

11 Replies
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It's awful when professionals act this way, and to tell you your cured, when there is clearly no cure for endo is disgraceful, the new doctor you are under is it a bsge centre??? If not try getting to one asap, x

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CiCiWilliams in reply to Tboag

It's Southmead hospital in Bristol for the new appointment xx

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Hi, don't worry. This happened to me too. I was told it was bowel, then it was in my head then it was muscular skeletal. I too changed hospitals and needed two operations to sort out the mess I was left in. Unfortunately I needed a total hysterectomy earlier this year. I am still so angry. Please feel free to message me anytime for a chat/support. 😀

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CiCiWilliams in reply to katrina1234

Sorry to hear this. This is my first time in a support group and I'm astounded at the number of women who have experienced the same thing as me. Just fingers crossed the new specialist can help. I'm currently bed bound and can barely move from the pain. Thank you. Same to you. Do message me if you want to share stories or some support xx

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Hi I'm so sorry you've had such an awful experience but hopefully now that you're at a specialist centre you should get better treatment.  Good luck.

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CiCiWilliams in reply to JeanOsborne

Thank you honey xx

He sounds exactly like my consultant - are you in Cornwall?

Hope you're ok and the pain is settling down xx

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Hi Claire,

No I am Gloucestershire. He was terrible, however I am now under Bristol in an accredited Endometriosis centre and they are absolutely fantastic. They're going to do the next operation there, my specialist said they dont just discharge their patients there. I have full access to the pain clinic as well, and it includes stuff like acupuncture and yoga as well as being put on a drip. Best thing I did was go under an accredited centre. Such a different experience xxx

Hiya I'm with a bsge centre and they have now discharged me following my hysterectomy, as there is no more they can do 😭

I haven't been offered any of the above - I've had to beg my gp to refer me to pelvic floor physio and to the pain clinic.

My consultant has also left my right ovary stuck down l have no idea what it is stuck to. Also my physio has felt adhesions and nodules all down my right side. I am in alot more pain now than I was before my hysterectomy which was April this year. My bloods are showing problems with my liver, low folate and ferritin levels etc. Not sure what else can be done but I feel really let down by the care I've received.

I'm glad things are much better for you now xx

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This sounds like an awful experience. I had no idea how common these terrible experiences are for Endo sufferers. I thought I was alone. I am feeling more positive with the new hospital and consultant. They seem to be on the ball. Thanks for your support Hun. If you need an ear, always feel free to message me. Sometimes takes me a few days to get back on here, but I'll always reply xxx

Thank you and if you need to chat I'm here to. It's quite sad how rotten people have been treated. I've seen a few posts similar on here. Xx

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