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Bowel prep

Hi, is any one under saint marry manchester ? I was told I need bowel prep befor my opp because of extensive endro attached from bowel to bladder to cervics and so on. Plus large modula in rectum. When I went for pre opp they said I won't have bowel prep !! Just an enema on the day of my opp. I'm worried because this my third manger opp now and it's not been sorted because I've not had bowl prep. Has any one else had enema instead of bowel prep ?

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Hi, i had surgery at St Mary's at the end of last year. I also had a large nodule in my bowel that was removed during op. I was no given bowel prep but 2 enemas instead, one the nigh before and one the morning of the op. If you are unsure, I suggest you call the endo nurse, she should be able to help you or talk to your consultant to clarify x


Thank you I will ring her today



I agree with Shehulk, if you are unsure ring the Endo nurse and see what she says. I had an op last year November and had to do a bowel prep a day before my op as I had Endo, adhesions on my bowels and my bowels were stuck to my ovaries.



Hi I'm under St Mary's Iv just had operation and had ann anema on the morning you will be fine. Mine was on my bowel and pelvis and I had cysts with lots of adhesions I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow good luck and try not to worry xx


Thanks to all of you for your replies,

I'm not worried just want to be sure they can do what they need to this time.

I've got a large rectovaginal nodule , extensive bowl adhesions, extensive pelvic endro, endro on bladder and the possibility of it being attached to my liver and kidneys again. My only worry is being left with a ileostomy has I may need endo excision from the large bowel.


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