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Painful periods after diathermy of endomtriosis 😔

Hi sorry I'm new to this, I had a laparoscopy nearly 6weeks ago now and am due my follow up appointment next Friday! So I am unyet to know what stage I have got. All I know is it was found in my tubes! I am currently on my 2nd period in which I am in excruciating pain I'd even say worse than before! I wasn't sure if this is normal or not? Once hearing I had endometriosis I stopped taking my contraceptive pill after finishing my last pack as I am getting married in oct and wanted to try for a baby straight after and from reading up about the surgery I had it said u r most likely to fall pregnant within the 1st year if it's going to happen and that having it removed by diathermy could return within the year so at the time seemed it was the best thing to do! I wondered if anyone else had been through or is in a similar situation to me? Thanks guys x

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