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Surgery and periods

Hi all, I am due to have my right Fallopian tube removed on Wednesday and today I started my period 13 days early (typical more stress) does anyone know if they can still do the operation? I have been waiting a year and don't want to postpone it. I'm sure last time I had a op for endo they said it was ok but this is a bit different.. Would appreciate any advice or experiences regarding this and also recovery times.

Thanks x x

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Absolutely yes they can . Had my left ovary, and tube removed along with lots of endo and 2large cysts and a mirena installed and I was on my period.

It doesn't make any difference at all in a negative way. You will have bleeding anyway from the surgical procedures. the surgeons are certainly used to dealing with blood.

If you are also having endo removed too - then it is easier to spot when it is active and bleeding too while you are on a period.

There's no need to cancel the op. The only issues are - you can't or rather shouldn't use a tampon while having the op- a sanitary towel inside your hospital issue paper knickers is fine, do take extra supplies with you to hosp.

and have spares at home, as you mustnot use tampons for the rest of that period because of the risk of infections spreading to the wound site.

You would be fine to use tampons again by the time of your next period.

You can experience extra vaginal bleeding after the op, which is why having spare towels with you is handy.

Don't worry about messing the hospital issue nightgown or the bedding - staff are quite used to gynae patients bleeding down below for a whole host of reasons.

Take a packet of wet wipes with you to clean up down below and the disinfectant stains on your tummy to stop them staining your own clothes when you do get dressed to go home.

I would also recommend you take period pain killers with you in your purse or wash bag as a back up supply in case the pain relief from the op wears off too soon and the nurses are reluctant or too busy to dose you up again.

Best of luck for the op.


Thank you for your message I'm relieved to hear that it won't be an issue. Also thanks for the advice it's so nice to have people that can help with these things x


i would say just contact your consultant and mention it, in my letter from hospital is says being on your period may affect the procedure. This may just be a standard thing they put on, but it really does depend on what procedure you are having done, but a call to them never hurts :)


Thanks for your reply, your right it's best to ask so I rung today and they said it would be fine so all systems go. X x


Good i am glad it won't affect you having surgery, good luck


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