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mirena removal

Hi all, hoping I can get some advice! I had my mirena coil removed 06-May-15 and am not taking anyother contraception. I'm currently undergoing fertility investigation, following my laparoscopy for severe endo 15-July-14. Ive had no bleed since having the coil removed which is the longest time Ive gone without a single spot in over 2 years. Have (unfortunately) had negative pregnancy tests and am having really bad cramps, sensitive breasts and thick white discharge, so I'm really curious (and concerned) why I haven't had a period yet?!

Id be really grateful if anyone could shed any light from past experiences on this - I have an apt with my consultant on Tuesday but I was up all night last night which pain and have been attached to a hot water bottle all day - so getting more and more concerned!

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi - when you use the mirena you still have cycles and may or may not ovulate so the return of your periods will depend on what stage of your cycle it was removed. Most will have them return within a month but some report longer. Everyone is so different in how they respond to hormones and your periods will return when they are back to normal. One of the ways the mirena works is to thicken the mucus at the cervix so that sperm can't penetrate so the discharge you are having shows that this has changed and is being released as normality resumes. Also the fact that you aren't having your usual spotting suggests that your endometrium is returning to normal. I think it sounds as though your period is about to appear. x


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