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What next?

Hi everyone,

I'm posting as had a horrible night and still in pain now as I sit on the sofa and type this, and I know you will understand.

I had my lap 10 days ago, to check for suspected endo and adeno. Dr said he couldn't find endo but did suspect I had adeno. My womb is larger than normal and along with my pains I probably do. Also said that all my pains in pelvis, down legs, hips, lower back and even up my back, along with those in pubic area, pains underneath I get are due to the bulky bowel he found in lap. So basically all these pains are my IBS and to look at my diet and antispasmodics. I declined a mirena to be put at time of lap due to all the bad stories and tbh I don't need any other symptoms on top of those I have.

So I've been taking my peppermint oil tablets, also now have probotic a tablets and magnesium tablets to help which my homeopath suggested. I've cut wheat out (known trigger of my IBS) and I'm cutting back on sugar and dairy.

Some of the stomach pains could well be IBS, as this is what I've had before but after a while it goes once been to toilet or wind out. But not convinced on the rest.

I guess that the rest of the pains I get are due to the adeno. I'm taking my pill 3 packs straight and going to do all the above for at least a month and see if any difference. Body will have healed from lap by then too. If no difference back to dr.

Guessing I might have to try other forms of hormones but the only symptom I don't get it heavy bleeding. I only get it on the pill break and although it's heavier than pre children, it's only a few days of being heavier, although I do spot for whole week so wear panty liners, for the rest of the week off.

Fed up of pain. Think I'm going to have to go back sooner to the dr and get some pain relief that helps. Taking co codamol but only those you can by at pharmacist, so I either need the prescription strength ones or something else.

Anyway rant over!

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Hi... Im sorry to hear you feel so low. After my 1st lapo i was told i had endo. On my 2nd lapo i then also had adeno as well. I too refused the coil.. this was at the 1st lapo.. and all pains came back fast.. 2nd lapo i braved the coil... Im now 3months after 2nd lapo and feel amazing and no pains.. few twinges but easily dismissed. All the horror stories id hear were from people having then fitted at the doc surgery. So my theory was if im sedated they can fit it alot easier hoping for less chance of it not being fitted correct or it moving. And in my experiance .. wished id done it sooner. I do hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for your reply. Late afternoon I gave in and took some cocodamol.

I'm guessing I'm going to have to try the coil possibly. When I went to see the nurse the time before last to get my next lot of pills,we talked about other options. I took the mini pill when breastfeeding my youngest and ended up constantly spotting and had PMS symptoms all the time, so stopped taking it. The nurse said that the mirena would be similar as same hormones, although my consultant said no. Think I need to discuss with my dr and see what the options are and then I can do some research and weigh up the pros and cons of all the them.

Think I also need some effective pain relief too. Maybe the tricycle of pills will help. Who knows. Will see how it goes I suppose.


I have small spotting but nothing compared to the spotting when i was taking the pill 3months back to back.x in begining coil was uncomfy but not unbearable.. and now i forget iv got it..xx


Hi so sorry to hear u are suffering :(.

I have been suffering every day since January with my lower back, hips and legs I have never suffered with these symptoms before jan so it's all new to me and must say I am fed up. I was suffering with pain when was 16 and finally got diagnosed 5 years ago with endo then they left me to just deal with it my consultant said get pregnant that will get rid of it.... I thought I just pulled a muscle at first but now I no it's my endo as I joined this sight and found a lot of people suffer with back like I do.

I really hope u feel better soon hunny x


Thanks for your reply. I did find I felt a little bit better once I had recovered from the lap. But short lived as I had 2 nights last week where I had horrendous pain in my lower back, hips and pelvis that cocodamol only dulled slightly. So looks like normal service renamed as back to getting pubic area pain again too.

I'm continuing with the diet changes, supplements and pill back to back and see what happens. I have also just starting to do some exercise - cross trainer, Pilates exercises every day( have a 30 day plan to follow so it gradually builds up each day and as I do a Pilates class every week, I know what exercises are good and bad for my body) and I also intend to go swimming once a week, as I've seen on here it's a good form of exercise for the various pains I have.

By the end of the week I will be starting my 3rd pill packet and then I only have one pack left, so I will need to go back to dr within the next 6 weeks to get a repeat prescription. So this gives me time to see if my changes help at all, and if not I can then raise this with my dr and see about the next steps. Guessing if no change then will have to think about other hormone options for the adenomyosis. If the dr wants to reference anywhere for adeno and if she still thinks endo then I will request a referral to one of the centres this time.

Time will tell I guess, but I am going to get fit and tone up, along with just getting on with the pains as this will lot beat me and stop me enjoying doing things with the family and for myself.



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