Shall I have this laparoscopy on Monday ?

I have my first laparoscopy on Monday coming. Last year my symptoms got so bad and almost daily I managed to get on the list for a lap. Since February I've been recommended to run my pill back to back continuously which have improved my symptoms massively. Should I still have this Lap ? Will they see anything ? I occasionally still get sharp stabbing pains internally. I'm 24 and would be thinking of starting a family in a couple of years. Thanks for any advice xx

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  • Yes have the lap as when you come off the pill to try to conceive the pain will be back. This happened to me so can tell you first hand. Coming off the pill and trying for a baby is how I found out I have endo. We tried for 15months no luck as endo was on my overy.

    Good luck

  • Yes defo still have it, the pill might be helping your symptoms but dosn't do anything for endometreosis itself, your best bet is thorough excision removal of endometreosis to give you a better chance of conceiving.

    Don't be afraid of what they will find, if you do have endometreosis it's better to deal with it asap,

    Good luck xxx

  • Definitely have the lap. I was on the pill for seven years straight and when I came off the pain was horrendous. Before I went on the pill I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis and I had two kids, so I had lived under the false assumption that the endometriosis had gone. Wrong, the pill had just masked the symptoms.

  • Thanks guys xxx

  • Hi just wondered how your lap went or if you had it done? Did they find anything xxx

  • Aww thanks for even thinking about me ! They didn't find anything ;( what is all these pains :( lol

  • Omg that's what I'm scared off too 😁 What are your pains symptoms? Have you got a follow up app xx

  • Sorry to hear that they didn't find anything. Were you seen at a BSGE centre? If not and a general gynae did the lap they may have missed any Endo that may have been present? Hope the recovery is going well xx

  • So sorry for you that's realky dis heartening when you still have the pains xxx

  • Yeah they've not been to bad lately as running my pill continuously but still there. Stabbing pains in abdomen and legs. Lower back pain. Pain in ovary area when I cough / sneeze etc

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