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How many symptom free ladies

Hi, I just wondered if we could have a look at symptom free ladie, or nearly free, perhaps after incision or hysterectomy, or whilst on some form of meds or alternatives,

Come on let's gave a positive post for us ladies still trying to get there,

I was in so much pain last night I was considering taking myself off to a&e, literally felt like my insides where trying to ex ape my body,


I hope this thread will give all of us some hope.

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Oh hun

Really sorry to hear that your pain is so bad.

I'm the same at the minute I'm not sleeping and pain in my back pelvis and down my left leg is horrendous, my partner had been saying last few days shall I take you to hospital.

The thing is I know from my recent stay in there that there is nothing they can do other than give you pain killers.

I'm starting to find even the morphine is not taking the pain away it's just dulling it? Is this the same for you?

Sending hugs hun

Jo xx


Hi, I had laparoscopy and endo excision 6 months ago and I have been almost completely pain free since. I know is still early days and i been in Prostap since the op so not sure what will happen once they start but so far so good. Before the op I was in pain every day even and taking strong painkillers all the time x

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That's brill she hulk, so pleased for you, xx


I've had two laps, first ablation second incision,with three month GNRH in between and continuous provera since for two years. I still get the odd pang of pain but it's a lot rarer now. I haven't bled in nearly a year and a half which I think is the main thing keeping the endo under control as no bleeding = limited chance for it to spread. In theory you're not supposed to be on provera for long and I'm only just turned 22 but in all honesty it's made such a huge difference in my life and I've tried all the less aggressive hormone treatments since I was 14 and this is the first time I felt like I had any control whatsoever. Still have some associated issues ie sex is still frustratingly painful and the odd stab of pain that sends me to the floor. But for the first time I'm not dreading the next month. Don't get me wrong, if there was any breakthrough bleeding or if the tablets stopped being as effective I'd be right back where I was unable to move for nearly two weeks out of the month but for now it's okay. In the future I'll have to weigh up my options due to potential issues with bone density etc but right now my priority is being able to live a life not confined to four walls.


Speculative diagnosis-14 yrs old.

First lap- July 2012 (I was 19)

Second lap- March 2013 and it had spread like wildfire despite 3 months of GNRH hence why they are willing to take the risk of me being on provera indefinitely because nothing else was slowing the spread or easing the symptoms. Just thought I'd add a bit of extra info so its clearer.


Iv had my 2nd lapo 3months ago.. marina coil fitted.. recovery was horrendus. Once able to get full mobility back i had a few pains.. but now i feel great... Started gym and lost weight... Havent changed my diet at all. Eat and drink all the things we are told we shouldnt. I do have a few twinges every so often but they are easily dismissed. Im going to start going to the Mc Nair center end of everymonth to the support groups and also thinking of joining lots of charity events. I wana do as much as i can as i fear the pain will return again. Xx so my advice is.. when its a good day.. drop all the house chores and get out and enjoy the day!! Xx for everyone suffering in pain i really do understand.. iv been there and keep pushing for help xx