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1st period since gluten free..


Well, i have been completely gluten free for most of this month and have felt better since doing so, i started my first period yesterday since eliminating gluten.. and there is a definate difference.. i usually start having very bad pains for about a week before i actually start my period.. this time it was just a couple of days before that i had mild cramps.. the first two days when i do start are usually awful for me pain wise.. however, this time i have had some cramps but mild ones, nothing that made me need to take pain killers or stay in bed all day.. Also (TMI) but i usually have some clotting during the first day or so and i havent really this time.. today its my 2nd day and the pains are already pretty much gone..so i am definately going to stick to this eating plan. its so worth it! i have found a new gluten free snack that i really like its from Holland and Barrett but are available in supermarkets too in the 'Free from' section.. its a fruit and nut bar called "Nakd". Theres a few different varieties and they are really good.. plus, they are wheat, gluten and dairy free.. so even better :)

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Its 9 months I'm gluten free, i have also gluten sensitivity so I had no choice to eat it anyway. Nakd bars are so good, i love them too!

I'm glad that the diet had some results for you, i think this is the reason I could handle the endo pain too (most of the days), sticking to a good diet ;) xx

Im definately going to stick to it.. been feeling much better :) and i also really like the Nakd bars.. Cocoa Orange is my fave :) feeling good at the moment.. hope you are too xx

I am gluten free too, i tested for it two years ago before i found out i had endo. I slipped a liitle recently but after been in agony on NYE and on my period, I have been back on the diet. So far i am feeling great, only just started getting twinges in my leg yesterday and i am due on soon, so shal see. Have also lost 5lbs which is great as i was feelin so bloated after my lap in Nov. Glad it is really working for you too xx

Hi Bez76.. thanks for commenting :) yeah i have been feeling better since going GF too :) and also like you i have lost some weight :) Win - Win lol.. Glad you are feeling great :) xx

I think it's great that you have seen an improvement by changing your diet. I was so impressed with the improvements when I did, that I trained to be a nutritional therapist!

I am so frustrated by gynaecologists who say that it makes no difference--how much evidence do they need??? Most of them know very little about nutrition. Maybe they feel threatened by their patient trying to take some control of their symptoms!! well done to everyone who can stick at it--when people say they don't know how I stick to it, I say it is easy because when I don't, I feel really grim!! Nakd bars are great as a treat!

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That is awesome and totally agree with your comment Hilary. It is sooo obvious! Food is the key to everything :)

I have recently gone gluten and almost totally caffeine and alcohol free. What I difference!!! The biggest result has been the reduction of bloating in my tummy. I used to get nausus a lot as well, and that has stopped almost completely. I really wish I could go dairy free too, but being a vegetarian, it's hard for me. I already don't drink milk though and rarely eat eggs. Cheese is my nemesis! I have read if you can find all natural cheese with no added hormones, that's a good way to go. Any thoughts on this?

I had massive relief the first month on the diet. It hasn't been as good since but definitely a huge improvement. I eliminated sugar and dairy as well and since the end of August I've lost 2 stone. I'm glad I read your post because I've ignored all the rules this weekend so you've inspired me to refocus!

Mcnielal - thanks for your comment.. i have also thought about natural cheese but not sure which is the best one. i thinnk its trial and error really. I also dont drink milk and rarely eat eggs its cheese for me also. i will look into it and see the options..

Dottymax - thanks for replying.. i have lost some weight too and am feeling better on the diet.. i also do mini detoxes now and then and drink ginger tea as it is a natural inflammatory. i also take supplements daily.. i think all these combined are helping with pain :)

I went gluten free over 2years ago and it has been a massive benefit to my endo. No more pain during the month!

I have worked out that my digestion is massive to healing, so am doing a detox this month and next :)

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