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Gluten free diet

Hi everyone. I just wanted to find out a bit more about having a gluten free diet. I've read it's good for ladies suffering with endo as gluten causes inflammation and after being told my womb and tubes were seriously inflamed after having a laparoscopy, I'm seriously considering trying a gluten free diet.

So I've read about it but just wanted some feedback from people who have actually tried it. Is it worth it?


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Hello :) I follow the endo diet mostly and yes it does help and it's healthier anyway. If you google endo resolved you will see it's about more than gluten but most women with endo have a wheat/ gluten intollerance. I found it helped with pain, bloating and my acne :)


Hi, thanks for your reply. I definitely think I'm going to give it a go. I had a bit of carrot cake earlier and although it was lovely I just felt really bloated and tired after! I think it will take some time adjusting and figuring out what foods actually contain gluten but I think it will be worth it :)


Rule of thumb - everything has it in! Haha I don't mean to frighten you off but I found that once I started looking into it I was amazed how much it is in. Be wary of the gluten free products in the shops too as they are usually high in sugar and fat. You're best bet is to cook everything from scratch. Best of luck! Xx


Thanks, think I'll need that luck! xx


This is what I have been wondering! As lately when I over indulge in yummy food n alcohol I tend to experience terrible stomach cramps, have been sick and at one point thought I had food poisoning as pain was so intense. I saw my gp yesterday and I'm being sent to have a colonoscopy to see if I'm sensitive to wheat/Yeast. My blood test showed negative to celiac. My gp said, my diet could be flaring up the endom. I had my removal last year - Nov and felt some what ok after. I took the pill for 2 months for pain but, hated the pill so stopped and few months late I'm experiencing same sickness I had when I had endom (do you ever really get rid) I'm just curious as have read endom diet - it's not very exciting? But this pain isn't the best either. Wednesday morning and I'm still feeling side effects from weekends indulgence. Just over it


Tiger - the basics of the endo diet and why you need to sort out what you eat to be safe foods is written on the following webpage.


there are plenty of books and blogs about endo diet recipe ideas and much like all immune diseases what we scoff or drink really can have both rapid and long term implications for our health.

Just look at how quickly your body reacts to alcohol for a start. Or eating baked beans and the production of gas that is trapped in the digestive system.

What is amusing for many people is sheer hellish pain for others.

So you do need to sort out for your self what foods you find are safe for you to eat and avoid all that cause a reaction, as well as taking in to account any foods that have longer term consequences for your endo health.

Avoid everything you can manage to avoid that promotes the production of the hormone oestrogen. Endo feeds of oestrogen, so you want pills and foods that do not contain or promote production of oestrogen.

it doesn't mean you have to be utterly religious about it - but everything you can do to cut down or cut out these foods and drinks will help, but it isn't like coeliac where gluten is toxic to the body and to be avoided absolutely, there is with the endo diets freedom of choice for you to figure out a balanced diet that works for you and helps in the battle with endo at the same time.

Keeping a pain diary /food diary to figure out what does give you a rapid unpleasant painful reaction - and avoiding all of those triggers will be a lot better to live with on a day to day basis right now, but longer term keeping your tummy trim and not storing tummy fat (which is the warehouse for oestrogen) will help so too will you doing everything to avoid oestrogen production foods.


I have been gluten free for nearly a year due to a wheat allergy. Honestly it hasn't helped me a bit in the Endo area. All I am losing out on is the allergic reaction (which of course is GREAT) and all the delicious normal foods (which I hate missing out on). I am also allergic to legumes (beans and peanuts) and removing that years ago hasn't helped with the endo either.


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