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Laparoscopy in 2 weeks

Hi, I've been following this site for a while now but I've just got my laparoscopy date through and just wanted to ask a few questions. My consultant has told me I have stage 4 endometriosis due to a number of large chocolate cysts on my ovaries. I was just wondering wether I should expect an overnight stay in hospital and how long surgery is likely to last.

She's fairly convinced that they will be more than just the cysts to be removed but obviously they won't know until they go in. It's all so scary and confusing. I only had confirmation of the endometriosis 2 weeks ago so it's gone really fast.

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Hi ,

I'm having my lap on Monday and I'm the same as you ,trying to find out info. The surgery length will depend on how much endo they try to remove. Most women will go home that day but again it will all depend on what they have done in there. I'm taking my overnight stuff just in case, as I have sleep apnea as well but if all my sats are fine I hope I can go home, it's so hard to sleep in hospital. Kx


The best advice I think I've had is to get some peppermint oil caps as it works better than the tea and take a pillow in the car so the seat belt doesn't hurt. and don't forget any med you already take because if they have to get it you it will take forever. Kx


Thanks Hun. I hope your surgery goes well. I guess everyone is different so it's not always the same. I just hate not knowing as I'm a bit of a control freak lol.

Luckily I've had other long surgeries (9 hours) so that part doesn't bother me too much I'd just like to be at home asap xx


Hi,I hear ya, that's because operations are so out of are comfort zones ( for us control freaks I mean ) we are handing over control totally to them, and then I feel vunrable so I'm running round like a crazy women trying to control whatever I can. It's a good job my partner gets me :-) kx


Hello, just wanted to say Goid luck, I did stay in over night, but didn't have my op till late in the day, so by 9 I hadn't had a wee and my hubby and I was knackered so the hospital and we decided I would stay in and hubby could get home to boys, my op was 90 mins and they excised minor endo from behind uterus and ligament, I was also diagnosed with adenomyosis,

Take an overnight bag and some reading, Defo get peppermint tea for your traped wind, it can cause some discomfort in your shoulder, and the pillow for car too, lose nighty and lip seal, lite mints, for after anesthetic,



Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to just accept it all at the moment but I'm such a planner that I just hate not knowing but I guess what will be will be.

To be honest the idea that in a month or so this pain won't be here is just amazing so I will stay positive! xx


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