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Bowel Endometriosis?

Hello I was wondering if people could give me some indication of the symptoms they had with bowel endometriosis? I have been having severe abdominal pain on my left side and for the past 5 years I have had pain when my bowel fills or if I have wind moving around my bowel. I am currently under investigation for unexplained infertility and have been worried that my IBS was misdiagnosed and if I have endometriosis on my bowel it could be causing the issue. My doctor said previously when I was off work in agony it could be endometriosis on my bowel but failed to investigate and today for the first time ever I had blood present when I wiped after a bowel movement :-S. So any information is welcome :-).

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Ask go for a refferal to a bsge specialist centre, look it up online , and if d one near you,

Sounds like you need a laparoscopy to investigate



I had a lap about 5 years ago to check my womb etc for endo and nothing came up? I will see if it happens again and then get in touch with my doctor but uts just funny im around my ovulation time which is making me think endo.


In my 20's I had persistent, random episodes of diarrhoea that would start shortly after I went to bed, and last all night. No-one else in the house would be ill. I went dairy free then for a while and that seemed to help, so I assumed I was lactose intolerant.

In my 30's I started having increasing problems with my periods - a couple of days in, my belly would swell up like a balloon and my intestines would feel incredibly sore. It would feel like everything was bruised, and it would last for 7-10 days. I then started having problems with constipation. I was regularly going 4-5 days without being able to go to the loo, and nothing I tried seemed to help. I also started passing mucus from my back passage and then I also started bleeding. I frequently have a lot of cramping in the bowel before I need to go, and a lot of right sided pain and pain in my bum and pelvic floor. My rubbish digestive system is honestly the bane of my existence :/

I had blood tests for colitis/coeliacs etc which were clear. I had a sigmoidoscopy which was also clear although the gastro found that I had severe haemorrhoids which he said were causing the mucus and bleeding. The GP I saw first had dismissed all this as IBS and none of it was investigated properly until I was able to see a different GP.

I have confirmed bowel endo and rectovaginal endo

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Im much the same my digestion is awful and has been since i stopped smoking 10 years ago and life stresses etc. I had a lap 5 years ago and nothing showed up then since trying for kids has really bad flare ups which included my doctor thinking i was bleeding into my pelvic cavity so i got a scan and more bloods and nothing came up. Then i got tested for coeliacs which was negative and that was the end of the road she said i was already involved in gyne coz im awaiting fertility treatment and when i said about investigating my bowel she said its rare at my age to have anything wrong so that was that. If there is blood again i will be going to docs and demanding some investigation private or not. Only problem is im due to start IVF within the next 3 months!


It is bad, isn't it? So many women being told it's IBS, go away. Although you've had a lap which didn't find anything, it is possible that you may have endo in the pouch of douglas (the space behind the uterus) or lower, between the bowel and vagina (rectovaginal endometriosis) which they wouldn't have seen if they didn't actively look for it.

FWIW my initial ultrasound last year was basically clear (they found some cysts and hydrosalpinx) but I had a scan this year at a bsge centre with a specialist and they found endo all over the place, more than had been seen during the lap I had in january. If it is at all possible to get yourself referred to a bsge centre then please do. It's far more specialized than normal gynae and they are experienced in fertility preserving surgery to help you get pregnant.


I will see if it happens again then hopefully I can get referred through NHS if not I will ask to be referred through BUPA. Thank you for the replies they have been a lot of help :-)


Thank you for the reply :-). I'm going to go and see my doctor if there is any blood present again. Hopefully with the symptoms I have had over the last 3-6 months I will be able to push for further investigation instead of getting more pain killers.


Just an update I was diagnosed with endo the end of last month after an emergency surgery to remove my appendix. My ovary is stuck to my bowel. Great!


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