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New and in pain

Hi I stumbled across this whilst looking up possibilities for my pain, hopefully someone may be able to help me.

So I am 36 and have been on the pill since I was 18 and then six months ish ago my periods went from being 3 days to barely even half a day, my doctor took me off pill just after Christmas and since then I have had pains on and off. I got a period app to help me track periods and I noticed that my pains were around ovulation?

I went to see gp (not my usual one) and she said it's just ovulation pain might take a while to settle, really is this what people can get I've never heard of it?? I never had when I was younger.

Anyways my pain seems to be generally around ovulation and I will start with pains on my left side lower abdomen like a throbbing lasting around 24-48 hours sometimes on my right as well and then after this I get pain like in centre right above my bone like it's my front muscle and it feels like a have pulled something so it hurts when walking and feels like my bladder is full very sore pain again around 24 hours.

My periods are around 2 days now and are proper red blood not really heavy but did have a little spotting last month 2 days after period finished.

I generally felt good in myself coming off the pill but the pains are awful - could it be endo???

My mum had it horribly and ended up with historectomy but her symptoms were very different to me

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It definitely sounds like further investigation is needed. I think Endo can run in families.


Hi. Can I ask if you have kids? If so how were they born? I never had ovulation pain till last year I had my only daughter via c section then when I stopped breast feeding horrendous ovulation pain struck to the point were I can't walk sit or anything shooting pains up bottom it's awful feels like my insides are being torn apart by daggers. Anyway I had a lap 6 weeks ago and my tubes are slow which probably means adhesions or scar tissue although they did find endo aswel. I never had this pain before even though I had all my other issues. On and off the pill. Just telling you my story because it's ovulation pain I think that mine was caused by damage to my tubes from c section, don't let docs tell you that it's normal if it continues and it interferes with your daily activities it's not normal. Hope you get some answers soon



I have two girls 12 & 9 born normal vaginal delivery although had problems with both pregnancys (pain possible kidney stones /infections) in and out of hospital from 23 weeks til 33 and had them both early. Don't think it's anything to do with that but thanks for the insight.

Today has been really bad with pain - today's is like sore bladder type ( like I pulled a muscle) with stabbing pain on left not moved much, luckily it's my day off


I get a lot of bladder pain too and problems in lower pelvis bowels lower back and legs. You definitely want to get it investigated especially if your mum had it. It does tend to run in families my aunt and cousins have it that's only the ones that have been investigated. Push for answers hun. Hope you get sorted. Xxx


Thanks I'm going back again in next few weeks to see my original gp I saw hopefully they may take note


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