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Mirena-will it settle?

Sorry my story is a little long but hopefully it will give a clear picture. I've always suffered with really painful periods, for which for the last few years I've spent the first day in bed on tramadol, rest of the time I was ok. My gp refered me to the gynae. I am breast cancer gene 2 positive so only ever took the pill whilst in my teens (when I didn't know) due to the increased risk. I was examined and scanned to see if everything was normal (which it was, gynae said I didn't fit for endo) and a mirena was suggested so had one put in. At the same time we discussed removal of my fallopian tubes because of my increased ovarian cancer risk which I agreed to. Approaching the op date I was still getting cramping and old dark blood, doc suggested maybe an infection, we decided to see what things looked like at the op. I spoke to the surgeon before the surgery and agreed that it didn't sound right so he replaced it during my op. When they found endo in POD bowel back or uterus- which scared the daylights out of me, hence why I then found this forum. My surgery was 5 weeks ago and I've since had a light period but I'm still getting this cramping in the afternoon and blood looks much fresher. My question is will this thing ever settle? As it is turning me into a ibuprophen junkie. It is stopping me from running which I desperate to do as I've put on weight since the surgery. I've just finished a course of antibiotics to see if it is an infection. No difference. I'm not sure I can wait 6 months for it to settle I'd rather be ill one day a month!

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Really sorry to hear that you are I'm such pain. I have only recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I have always suffered from heavy painful periods. Prior to knowing that I had endometriosis the doctor suggested to try the Mirena as I wasn't getting on with the contraceptive pill had a lot of side effects. The first on they put in the lining of my womb and caused me a infection they removed the coil and I had antibiotics I understand that is quite a rare thing to happen and I also have a tilted womb. I was so desperate for the heavy bleeding that I had another fitted even after that, I didn't agree with me I was constantly bleeding, having migraines, back pain cramping, sore breasts bad acne, weighy gain and i have never had a issue with weight I was desperate to have it taken out after about 2 months as it still wasn't getting any better I begged my Gp to take it out which she said she wouldn't so I waited another 2 months and went back with no improvement and to the Gp and told her I wasn't leaving until they removed it, I had had enough. I have had friends who have had it and said it was the best thing ever and others that think it's evil. I truly think that it doesn't get on with some people and I was one of those unfortunately and it sounds like you may be to. Sorry to hear about your suffering as I know pain from it is awful

Hope this helps

Jo xx


Thanks Jo,

as the endo pain stakes go I seem to be lucky (not too mauch pain given what they found). I think my doctor would know me well enough to get it out when I asked as I'd simply threaten to do it myself since I have a pair of artery forceps at home!

I think I'm going to give it another week, then review the situation with my doctor, I have gynae follow up 8th of June




Well that's good that the endo doesn't cause you too much pain. Lol that made me laugh that you say you would do it yourself 😀. I think set yourself a time limit In which you are happy to give and after that if it doesn't improve ask for it. I think the main thing is keeping going back if you are having problems. I hope it gets better for you soon. X


Thanks, I removed my own stitches so the threat is real- untill it hurts too much! We are very blessed to have good gp practice here.

Leila x


Did you really you are braver than me i could barely look at mine first few days. My new Gp is great the one that finally realised I have many symptoms of endo and got me refer ASAP it was the ones before that just took no notice. I hope either the mirena settles or you are able to have it out sooner rather than later xx


I had the coil fitted about 7 weeks ago during a lap, I was bleeding for about 5 weeks then my gyne prescribed norethisterone tablets to take 3 weeks on 1week off for a couple if months to help it settle down. I'm a week in after taking them and the bleeding had stopped. Not sure if this is a long term fix but it's working for now. Maybe ask your gp for the same


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