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Will they cancel my surgery

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I’m due to have a hysterectomy, removal of ovaries and excision of endo on my bowel. The consultant said he would do it in December as I would of seen the colorectal surgeon by then. My appointment which is this Thursday has been cancelled and I haven’t got a new one. My original gynae letter said he would talk about me in a MDT as well. I had pre op last week but no date for surgery. I’m so wound up by surgery and have organised myself for Christmas as I will be post op and now I don’t know if they will cancel it. I’ve left loads of messages for my gynae secretary but no answer. I’m so on edge I can’t concentrate on anything. It feels like a form of torture. I don’t want to go and they either cancel it or don’t do the bowel excision. I’ve been in so much pain recently and I know it’s mainly my bowel endo.

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Have you thought about phoning the colorectal surgeons secretary explaining that your appointment has been cancelled to enquire when soonest available is?

If a long time ask if they do private work maybe?

Emphasise the urgency and keep on at gynae secretary too.

Whatever happens it will be alright, life will go on regardless so try and not stress as will only make things worse.

Have various scenarios lined up A, B, C. Over December and January surgeries always mess up as medics take time off.

Right now you have A: surgery in December and recovery over Xmas and I’m sure you have others lined up to step in and help over that time

Get your B and C game lined up then as things progress you follow whatever route necessary.

Hugs, it will all be ok x

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ccsmith in reply to applebird

Do you know I never thought about phoning the colorectal surgeon. How stupid am I! I will give them a call now. It’s the waiting that’s painful I feel almost on hold which is daft!

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applebird in reply to ccsmith

I've been there a number of times waiting on surgery, it's always such an anxious time and life does very much feel on hold until it's all over and done with! Hope you get some success with them x

Hi cc

Very sorry you are going through this, I was there, by about February this year I was writhing on the ground considering a knife to cut my own organs out, I was that bad with pain.

In the end I had to go private as where I live there is an nhs beds crisis so in February I was told I had a 22 month wait.

- If you HAVE NOT been given a date for hysterectomy at this point, is it not a fair assumption that you are not going to get this until the New Year? Especially as your coleorectal appt has now been canx too so your surgeon does not have this report to go off?

Are you really that prepared to spend your whole Christmas/holiday period in bed? I had a total hysterectomy bso cervix too, bowel shave all done in March. The recovery hit me like a tonne of bricks..you are really not a contributer to the home chores etc for at least 6 weeks to 2 months starting off with light chores that you can possibly sit and take a break from. Absolutely no heavy lifting for months no hoovering! You will feel yourself heal internally and feel your limitations. For me it was a carrying of a heaviness im the abdomen, a pulling sensation, the legs struggling that told me "get back to bed" I didnt go out walking around shops until I was 8 weeks past and one journey out for about 3 hours was too much, tasks of a little more taxing nature always put me in bed for 2 days rest afterwards 🤔 ie I was just done in from the busy day.

Its a fair time in pjymas.

Im 39.

I had a very reasonable fitness level before my surgery.

Who was going to be your handmaiden over Christmas/holiday period post Op? Yes, you literally need someone helping you, in and out of bed for the first few days, bringing your meals on a tray, your painkillers, peppermint tea, your stool softener (Ducolax) for that enivitable strained post Op poop on about day 5/6. Your sanitary towel replenishment...

Was someone able to be so on hand to you over that period? Its a round the clock affair.

It would be really grim to try to recover on your own without help.

I hope that this post isnt too pessimistic sorry, maybe you will be free to enjoy the festivities a little better but with being able to be up and about if not like me highly medicated and lots of wine to deal with festivities....

I know in the first few weeks I couldn't bear the though of even putting my make up on or doing my hair. Actually reaching above my head to brush or hold a hairdryer was very very taxing.

Its very very draining and the tiredness is all consuming in the first few months, not to mention swelly belly. (You need stretch leggings etc) nothing will fit and the tummy swells in the evenings as the day goes on, its an enivitable thing post surgery.

I slept around the clock for at least a week.

I offer you this just ^ for your consideration. None of us realise just how big an operation this is.

Ok its through 3 tiny incisions but they are severing and rejoining blood vessels, arteries, excising, ligaments are Intruded on, organs removed, blood flows stemmed, cauterisation, bowels are shaved, excision takes place and the bowel takes lots and lots of time to settle (you will be full of CO2 gas during the operation) your bowel movements will be settling for months with maybe more frequency plus flattulance plus mixed stool type consistency.


Bless you the pain is absolutely horrendous and seems to heighten around that time when you know surgery may be imminent!

Can you try to be with family and get as sloshed as possible have a jolly auld Chrimbo, put it away out of your thoughts until the new year?

I say this knowing I was writhing on the floor ready to excise myself.

Best Wishes


Thanks Helly. I did have my mum coming to look after me & my daughter. My hubby is very kind but I know the novelty will wear off quick. It’s good to hear what to expect as everyone has been saying it’s a quick recovery but I was skeptical. I’m a very practical person and the more prepared I am the better. It’s nice to put it in perspective and actually the delay may not be a bad thing then. I’ve been waiting for a year to get this far so I think that’s why I am feeling so anxious about it. I’ve even given up work as things have been so bad.

I hope the surgery worked for you and thank you for your advice. xx

Thank you CC

Im glad you took my advice in the way it was intended. Because you are for both Total Hysterectomy and Bowel excision, you are in for a double type recovery.

My bowel still plays up 8 months post surgery with me going in the mornings sometimes 4 times before 1230pm amd I ALWAYS knew it was a symptom of my endometriosis.

The real tiredness post hysterectomy really only leaves after 6 months plus.

You will find yourself punching through the day light hours to stay awake, its all to do with the bodies recovery.

If you read my other posts you will see many women have said to me anywhere from 8 months to 2 years post hysterectomy before you feel like yourself again.

I know my hysterectomy belly and abdomen at 8 months are competely healed and a success without complications thank God but know I still have endometriosis bowel flare ups. It still exists on a cellular level post excision (as not to perforate your organ) so it can regenerate unfortunately. Mine crept back from 4 months post hysterectomy and is feeling cyclical in its symptoms. Just like before, ovulation time and menses time on my calendar of when "it would have" been due.

Im in for the long haul unfortunately with this b@sdard.

Good luck!

Bloody well enjoy your Turkey!

Or whatever festivities you may celebrate.


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