Swollen Lymph nodes & Mirena

Let me preface this with "I will call the doc in the morning" but was wondering if anyone else had this experience: I had full excision surgery in October. My cycles have still been rough, so I got the Mirena (as the surgeon also suggested) 5 weeks ago. I've been spotting and cramping every day since. Fine, that's normal. But this morning out of nowhere I woke up and my thighs are SO sore. It hurts to lift my legs and walk. I then realized that ALL the lymph nodes in my groin are swollen up. Nothing else has changed (still spotting but no weird discharge), no fever, no other locations of swollen nodes. I'm going to blame this on the Mirena and it sounds like an infection. Thoughts??

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  • You're doing the right thing by going to see your doctor.

    Hope they get to the bottom of the problem.

  • I used to suffer with swollen lymph nodes in my under arms quite regularly, I also have endometriosis but not the mirena. I don't actually know what mine was down to as it was very frequent I did get them checked but doctors just said it wasn't any concern but I think they were infections one time my left under arm had a huge lump under the skin like a golf ball, it used to be so painful. I'd definitely get it checked to be on the safe side xx

  • I've had swollen glands in my neck on and off especially with periods ever since I've had endometriosis. My gynae said it's immune system related and wasn't too worried. I would rule out other things with a full blood count etc just to be on the safe side. My Mirena took over 6 months to settle before I felt better but I'm so glad I had it fitted it's the only thing that has helped apart from zoladex. Take care

  • Thank you all! Beckbeee , Billysugger21 littlebrownbird Still waiting to hear back from doc and hoping it's nothing. Could certainly be an immune response trying to get rid of this foreign object, haha! Glad the Mirena has been helpful for some. I hope it settles soon.

  • Hi lithofairy. Im 39 and was diagnosed with severe endo over a year ago after surgery. They suggested the marina coil and I had it fitted a few months after being diagnosed. It took a good 12 months for the marina coil to settle into my body. Minus the few complications with having it. I first had problems with tenderness around my boobs and my right underarm feeling a little swollen. I thought it was just hormonal and the doctor told me to stop wearing underwired bras. This did help. I also started wearing a size larger in knickers too which helped any abdominal pain. I feel a lot better today and all that trouble has passed hopefully and I still have the marina. I now wander today if I had a few complications with lymph nodes too but not sure. I hope time heels you and you get better soon. All the best Rachel Xx

  • Thanks for the kind wishes and hope that it will settle! I wonder if your lumps were also lymph. I wish it didn't take so long as I just want to be better already, but glad there is hope. Best to you too!

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