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What to expect and what to ask

Hi Everyone,

I am due a laparoscopy on the 20th May as I have suspected endo and adeno. The consultant suggested the mirena coil, but also said I can continue with the combined pull if I wish. I'm inclined to continue with my pill as whenever I have tried different things, it has not done me any good.

Anyway I did have a laparoscopy 20 years ago, where nothing was found, but was wondering what things to ask when I see the consultant on the day of surgery. Things like will he excise any endo off if he finds any, will he be able to tell me afterwards what they found. Anything else I should be asking? Trying to do my research now so that I am well informed for whatever they tell me or ask me on the day.

Also I have 3 children who are 10, 7 and 4, and my husband will take the day of the op off. But can anyone advise how they felt after the op and how long before you could do things again. Not sure if my husband is going to be able to have anymore time off and I will obviously have school runs to do 3 times a day on the 2 days after op, and then I have half term the following week! Wondering if I need to see if I can get grandparents to help out following op and through half term and if making plans to see friends like I normally do in school holidays is feasible. It's my mother in laws birthday 4 days after my op and she wants to meet us in central london - we are a 30 minute train journey into kings cross station - and although I think this will obviously be too much for me only a few days after the op, I am wondering if being left on my own for a good part of the day is advisable. Thoughts? If not then will have to see about finding myself a babysitter!

My previous lap was 20 years ago and although they found nothing, I do remember being really tender in stomach for quite a few days afterwards and the pain from op and gas still in body. But then it was just me at uni and now I have 3 kids to look after too. I want to be ready and organised for what help I might need after and for potentially how long, so I can start to plan now, rather than try and find people to help once I've had it and then be faced with no one is able to be here.


Lisa x

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I am agreeing with what you are saying about contraception I had 2 mirena coils before I even knew about endometriosis , I ended having them both out the first they put in the lining of my womb and I got a bad infection was In awful pain with it but I Do think it's a rare thing to happen, I then had another one fitted about 6 months as I was desperate to stop my heavy bleeding this one was fitted fine but it didn't agree with me I had a lot of bleeding when it wasn't my period and I just didn't feel like myself. I don't get on well with hormones which sounds like you may be the same. They offered me another one when I was going to have my laparoscopy aswell. Yes that is all I can think of asking if they will remove it if they see endometriosis as this seems to vary. I also have 3 children and know it's hard when you have kids that need you. I had my

Laparoscopy 4 and a bit weeks ago. I was in a lot of pain for the first week to be honest I had either my partner or mum with me mostly to sort the kids out and so that I could rest. I would definately think you may need someone to help you for the first 2-3 days with your children. I'm not sure about the driving either how long before you will be OK to drive. I think it varies from person to person? So this is just in my experience.

I hope this helps.

Jo x x


Thanks Jo. Yes I'm thinking that I am going to need help for a few days at least. If they do indeed find endo and excise it off, I think I'm going to be in pain and it's a 15 min walk to school each way. Yes if driving isn't an option either then I would have to walk.

The pill I'm currently on and was on at 16 for painful periods is the only one that seems to agree with me. When I was breastfeeding my youngest I was on the mini pill and first few months were fine and then it was horrible. The nurse said the mirena coil would probably be the same for me at last appt to get repeat prescription, so not really wanting it at lap time.

I have a couple of friends who have endo so think I will contact them to see about the lap and recovery, as they have had treatment since having kids.

I'm kinda hoping I recover quickly but need to be prepared for it if not. Inlaws are in south London, an hour and half away and my dad works shift work. Hubbie works in central London and does long days currently but that might have changed by then.

Just wondering if I need to get some help to deal with the 3 kids for the half term, as they can't watch tv all day, every day!

Guess it all depends on what they find when they do the lap, how much needs to be excised off if any and how my body reacts to it all generally.



Yes I think that that would be good a idea to try and arrange some help first few days and then hopefully you will feel a bit better. I'm lucky my parents are 5 mins down the road so they were able to pop in and out and help. Yes if you are not sure about coil don't let them pressure you to have it I know some people think it's great others hate it. If you are happy on your pill I'd stick to it unless they are telling you for some reason not to be. Yes it's really hard to judge how you are going to be I am usually active and think I'm quite physically fit and I was struggling to walk up and down stairs for first few days, not sure you would be able to do a 15 minute walk straight after. If you can get someone to help I'd take the help.xx


Have just checked what I wrote down at my appt 2 weeks ago with the consultant and it says no driving for a week, so looks like it's walking to school there and back 3 times a day - gonna need some help I think.


I don't think you'll be able to do all that walking if you have endo excised. I would think at a minimum assume you'll need someone else to do that (or take care of children if it falls on the half term) for a week after.

Even then you'll want to take it easy and gradually build up activity over the next few weeks... A lot of us have made the mistake of trying to go back to normal too quickly and regretted it (as once other people - family or colleagues) see you doing more they think: 'oh she's fine now' and it's hard to rewind/back track!


Yes I'm beginning to agree that I'm going to need help for more days than everyone thinks. Despite me explaining what they will do if they find endo when they do the lap, I don't think anyone is fully appreciative of how much pain I could be in and how difficult in going to find it afterwards.

I did have a chat with my husband last night and he said he could work from home on the Thursday. He is handing his notice in at the end of the month, so don't think he will care after that. Half term is another story but will have to see what shift my dad is on (my mum would have been able to help me out loads but she unfortunately passed away suddenly last May after a very short battle with cancer - feeling her absence even more with this coming up). Also going to have to possibly see about the motherinlaw coming up to help, but she normally only comes 11-4, but it's possible she could come earlier to help with school run. Although as it's half term the following week, being up so early isn't an issue.

Really struggling today with the pain in pelvis, back, arms, shoulder and stomach and pubic area - really hope the lap helps with some of the pain. Going to have to take some pain relief shortly, which I normally only do when I can't take it anymore. Think goodness I have some co-codamol in the cupboard.


Yes I agree and I actually think even if in the best scenario they don't find endometriosis then you will still be in pain from the incisions and where they have looked around. I think it's wise to try and sort help before and if you don't need it the just tell them at the time you are ok. Really sorry to hear about the loss of your mother you must be finding this difficult without her. It really does sound like you have a lot of the symptoms of endometriosis. I really that you having laparoscopy will get you some treatment for your pain xx


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