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Having a laparoscopy and wondering what to expect?

Hi all im very new to this. I have been to see my gynecologist and she has booked me in for a laparoscopy on the 1st October after having symptoms of endometriosis for the last few years but being too scared to get anything done about it, worrying i have left things too late. The operation scares the poop out of me but i know i need to get it sorted now because i will want children very soon as i have now found mr right :) Anywho the doctor gave me loads of leaflets but thought it best to find out from people that have already had the surgery with what to expect. How long is the general recovery time etc

Thanks all in advance x

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Hey I had one in July, and can honestly say it realy isn't that bad at all, the recovery isn't too bad either the only thing I found was I had really bad trapped wind, which gave really bad shoulder pain I know that sound strand trap wind in your shoulder but it really does happen... I found pepper mint tea and strong pepper mints really help me out and walking around help me too,, my scars are healing well from it too, I have perfect little cross scars lol.x hope everything goes well for you.cx



I had my first lap a couple of weeks ago for the very same reason. As belle says it really isn't that bad. I recovered after a day. I took a week off as a precaution but as soon as you can get to the loo for you know what the better. Peppermint tea or orange juice works well. My scars are healing well too.

Try not to worry as that's what I did and its not worth your upset as you will be absolutely fine I'm sure.

Good luck.



The laparoscopy is nothing to worry about. I was up and walking the same day of my surgery (with little assistance). Most of my pelvic floor was cauterized during the surgery, but I was still back to school after three days off. Your scarring will be minimal, as in the incisions are only about a cm wide.

As difficult as it may be, try not to worry about it. These surgeries are super safe.

I hope everything works out for you, and good luck.


Hi, I'm getting my second soon....had one 3 years ago due sudden onset of endo and unable to have 2nd baby...3mths later was pregnant!! Op was fine...unfortunately it's come back but happy to be having it again!!



I had mine 2 weeks ago. It was not as bad as I thought. Recovery was quick and I was back playing netball this week. Hope it all goes well xx


Hi there. I'm also new to this, having my surgery tomorrow. Never had it before so I will make sure to write this week and let you know What happens and what to expect. I'm a little worried too but the girls on here have been so helpful in putting my mind mostly at rest!x


I had one last year, and overall it's been a positive experience, and I'm glad I went through it.

A couple of practical suggestions:

- Prepare well in advance. Many people bounce back quite well, but I found it was really helpful to have stocked up the fridge, cleaned the house etc, so that I wouldn't have to do anything afterwards except focus on recovery. I'm really glad I did this as it made life quite a bit easier, and meant that I didn't have to worry about eg. going to the shops.

- Avoid constricting clothes. Hold-ups, low-rise knickers and loose dresses are your friend. I found I was a bit swollen after the operation, and these things were all helpful in avoiding irritating the stitches. Also, shopping for new knickers was a welcome distraction before the surgery.

- Pain relief. It's like what you'd do for a bad period: painkillers (they'll probably give you some at the hospital); hot water bottle; all that. I spent quite a bit of time watching old movies.

- Time. Some people are able to rush back to their usual routine. Some aren't. Just see what works for you. Make sure your friends or colleagues know that you won't be on form for a little while, but you don't know when you'll be your usual self.

For what it's worth, I've felt very much better since I had mine. Good luck, and I hope it goes well for you. Keep posting here - I learned lots of these tips from this community.


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